Insert Launches In-App Landing Pages to Increase Push Notification Conversion

Insert, an automated in-app marketing platform, unveiled a new option for their users today: landing pages for mobile apps. App owners and marketers are now able to easily create customized landing pages within their app, ensuring that customers arrive from personalized push notifications, ads, social media or emails to personalized landing pages that are optimized for maximum conversions.

Web landing pages are a marketing mainstay, with a 2014 study by MarketingSherpa revealing that 48% of companies build a new landing page for each marketing campaign they make. However, until now, the options for apps have been far more limited, resulting too often in push notifications and ads that merely take users to the app’s home page. Other apps use deeplinking technology, which can take users to a specific area within the app, but it must be pre-coded into the app by developers, thus preventing the often required agility for on-the-fly marketing campaigns. Deeplinks also do not provide the best practice of a landing page that has a single call to action that directs customers to the desired action.

With this feature from Insert, app owners and marketers can now instantly create unique landing pages for each campaign. Push notifications or ads will now lead customers to a customized landing page that is specifically designed to direct them to the desired outcome, whether it is making a purchase, learning about a new app feature or completing a transaction. For example, a retail app can send out push notifications for a limited time offer of 10% off of a surplus item. By clicking on the notification, the customer is led to an attractive landing page with a 360° view of the item and a prompt to “buy now.”

Marketers are also able to target specific segments of the app’s users and personalize landing pages for them. Similarly, they can set push notifications to arrive following a specific action or non-action, such as after a certain amount of time passes without the user visiting the app, after the customer abandoned a transaction midway, or based on the user’s past behavior and demographic. Furthermore, marketers can use many established landing page best practices, such as adding a video when relevant, displaying different pages based on the source and other parameters, and testing and optimizing CTAs over time. All this can be done without writing a single line of code.

“Landing pages should be as standard in apps as they are on the web,” says Shahar Kaminitz, Insert’s founder and CEO. “Ever since Microsoft initiated the first landing pages in 2003, they have proven themselves to be a very effective way of increasing conversions. We expect to transfer the success that landing pages have had on the web to the in-app market, allowing our clients to see a significant increase in their results.”

About Insert 

Insert is the first automated in-app marketing platform. It offers a broad set of pre-built features – “inserts” – which can be launched into any live app in minutes, with no coding. These features include videos, banners, messages, surveys and more – allowing app owners to better engage, convert and retain their customers. Insert was created to enable product managers and mobile marketers to drive user loyalty and LTV, without writing a single line of code.

The company was founded by the people behind Worklight: the world’s leading mobile application platform (now IBM MobileFirst).

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