“Manage Your Dream of Sichuan” – Recruitment of Panda Experiencer in Full Swing

Every person out of Sichuan and with a passion for Sichuan has a not-yet completed dream of Sichuan. Held by Sichuan Provincial Tourism Development Committee, the global recruitment for “Panda Experiencer” is now in full swing. As an applicant, all you need to do is to move your fingers to give likes, then you may get a chance to realize your Sichuan dream for free. Our recruitment for “Panda Experiencer” aims to evoke tourists’ expectation and yearning towards Sichuan on a global basis. It extends hospitality of Sichuan people and demonstrates the global image of Sichuan.

Easy Rules Enable You to Fancy Your Sichuan Dream

“I wish to touch the ears of the Leshan Buddha”, “I wish to watch the sunrise on E’mei Mountain”, “I wish to eat fried glutinous rice balls in Jinli” … Various unrealized Sichuan wishes from the netizens are listed in the interaction zone of the page for the activity. The participant will invite his or her friends to give likes to the wish, and the owner of the top three wishes with the most likes will be granted as the “Panda Experiencer” with generous wish experience funds which guarantees the journey to realize their wishes.

Panda is the most distinctive, famous and amiable name card of Sichuan, so our activity combines the widely accepted element—panda, and sets the interesting role—“panda experiencer”. On the webpage for the activity, we have cartoons of pandas “travelling in Sichuan”. The charmingly naive pandas tend to change faces, play mahjong, and climb Leshan Buddha—presenting an amazing image; besides, you can choose panda pets with different character tags–delicacy, alcoholic, adventure, etc., who will accompany your whole journey in Sichuan. By virtue of entertainment methods, Sichuan Tourism Bureau communicates with tourists worldwide, to deliver amicable and sweet Sichuan culture.

Charming Sichuan, More Than Pandas

It is a persistent task and goal for Sichuan Provincial Tourism Development Committee to introduce Sichuan’s local customs and practices to the world.

For domestic and overseas tourists, the panda is the most famous element of Sichuan. Nevertheless, Sichuan also has various distinctive natural views, culture and history as well as delicacies and customs. Five-color paradise of Jiuzhai Valley, splendid history in Wuhou Temple, excitement and satisfaction from spicy hotpot… are all the reasons why you get obsessed with this land.

Through inviting global tourists who love pandas and Sichuan to come to Sichuan and feel Sichuan’s delicacy, history and culture, the activity demonstrates our idea that Sichuan is a must-see destination in the world.

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