Airwheel e bikes with E6 and E3 were born to open a new chapter due to its technical innovation

A hero is nothing but a product of his time. Airwheel e bikes with E6 and E3 were born to open a new chapter due to its technical innovation.

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2016 has witnessed a milestone for the development of Airwheel and its electric scooter sector. On this day, E6 and E3 were released in summer. When it showed up, the whole audience burst into applaud with surprise and shock. Those scooter-enthusiasts were eager to have a riding test. Airwheel folding e bike was destined to make a splash in the whole sector.

Airwheel folding e bike 

One of the most outstanding highlights ofe bikeis the multiple folding system. The folding size is 474*399*374mm, as small as a backpack. With 12.5kg item weight, Airwheel E3 can be stored in the office, car trunk and home easily. With folding size 950mm×456mm×160mm and 14.15kg item weight, E6 enables you to weave through freely in the crowed.

Airwheel E3 smart electric folding bike

Left-right design saddle with aluminium alloy foldable frame and PU foaming Unibody makes riding comfort increase by 40%, compared with the traditional saddles. A cosy leather saddle is mounted onto the smart electric folding bike. One could sit on the saddle with his feet on the stainless steel pedals and hands on the silica gel handlebars. Even riding for long time, riders will not feel too weary. In contrast, riders are apt to get tired on scooters since they are all standing-posture models.

Airwheel smart folding bike 

Airwheel smart folding bike applies branded lithium-ion battery, which prolongs the long range and guarantees a large power capacity. External modular battery design enables riders to change the battery, to upgrade range and to maintain the battery easily. Plus, the added USB port transforms the battery into a portable power source, compatible with many smart devices. As a result, there are two charging ways: either by direct charger by inserting the power source to the charger, or removing the battery to charge.

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Airwheel electric bike is widely welcomed by the market for its advantages of being convenient, cost-effective and eco-friendly. Airwheel battery operated bicycle has adopted many new improvements, which contribute to build the new era. What we have to do now is to hold our breath and wait for it.

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