SGR Was Featured As the Best Planetary Gearbox Manufacturer in China

SGR today announced that they have been featured as the best planetary gearbox manufacturer in China. This was after a survey that brought together all gearbox manufacturers. The aim of the survey was to review latest technology, innovation, progress and development in gearbox manufacturing industry.

“SGR has continually distinguished itself from the rest of planetary gearbox manufacturers by investing and adopting new manufacturing technologies – we thank our technical staff and customers for their support,” said Dennis Yan, SGR product manager. “We are certain all SGR planetary gearboxes will dramatically improve every aspect in the manufacturing and processing industries. They feature modular designs, case hardening, heavy duty bearing and different torque range.” after won “Science and Technology Advancement Prize” awarded by the National Speed Reducer & Variator Industry Association.

This survey focused on six different types of SGR planetary gearboxes. It aimed to analyze every planetary gearbox to achieve: proportional torque distribution, heavy load bearing capability, transmission efficiency and gear reduction stages for different gear ratios. Also in term of  low speed shaft design: Cylindrical with key, internal hollow spline, extensional spline, hollow shaft with shrink disc, High speed design: Cylindrical with key, hydraulic motor, electric motor as well.

Key SGR planetary gearboxes that were featured included:

1. SGR inline planetary gearbox (series N)

SGR series N can be mounted in all positions with dimension B5, V1, V3, etc. Their reduction ratio is i >3 and output speed ranging between 0.4255 to 445 r/min. Input power is 0.25 to 55kw and ratio range varies between 13.15 to 900. This series N has a torque range of ≤540000N.M.

2. SGR 2 stage planetary gearbox (series N2)

It can be mounted in all positions with mounting dimension specified as EURO/ custom. The input power is 0.25kW to 200Kw, ratio range of 12.67 to 50.9, output speed 0.425 to 445 r/min, reduction ratio i > 3 and permit toque range is ≤ 540000N.M.

3. SGR 3 stage planetary gearbox (series N3)

SGR series N3 can be mounted in all positions with mounting dimension being EURO/custom. It has an output speed of 0.4225 to 445 r/min, input power 0.25 to 55kW, reduction ratio i>3 and permit torque ≤540000N.M.

4. SGR 4 stage planetary gearbox (series N4)

Series N4 can be mounted in all positions and the mounting dimension can either be standard or custom. The output speed is 0.425 to 445 r/min, ratio range 140.36 to 3144.53, input power 0.25 to 55kW, reduction ratio i>3 and permit torque range ≤540000N.M.

5. SGR 5 stage planetary gearbox (N5)

Series 5 can be mounted in B5, V1, V3 and B51 while the mounting dimensions are either standard or custom. Output speed is 0.425 to 445r/min, ratio range 543.27 to 6110.81, reduction i>3 and permit range ≤540000N.M

6. SGR right angle planetary gearbox (series NCE)

Series NCE can be mounted in all positions with mounting dimensions being either EURO or custom. The output speed is 0.425 to 455 r/min, ratio range 3.15 to 9000, input power is 0.25 to 200kW, reduction is i>3 and output torque 1500 to 540000Nm.

All SGR planetary gearboxes are manufactured and assembled as per the DNV – ISO9001, SGS and CE standards. The company conducts strict quality testing for gear tooth, bearings, seals, gaskets, cases, housings, shafts, pinions and overall efficiency.

About SGR

Since 1996, SGR Heavy Industry Machinery has grown to be a premier manufacturer of planetary, worm and helical gearboxes and accessories etc ; besides hydraulic and electric motors. The company maintains high quality inspection and manufacturing standards that conform to DNV – ISO 9001:2008, SGS and CE standards. 

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