Metagem Intelligent Jewelry Appears in Hong Kong Jewelry & Gem Fair, Genius Thoughts Shock the Industry

September 23, 2016 – witnessed the grand opening of Hong Kong Jewelry & Gem Fair. September is the golden month for business negotiation of global jewelry trading. The Hong Kong Jewelry & Gem Fair in September, a world-famous fair, gathers 3600 exhibitors and 50,000 professional buyers from 55 countries and regions for purchasing. It is a marvelous industrial fair of jewelry & gem.


As the only supplier of intelligent gem worldwide, MetaGem made its debut in the Fair, and attracted huge attention from buyers and media of the whole world.

An American buyer gave a high praise of “genius” to MetaGem after his personal experience. He said in a joke that he seemed to come to NASA of jewel and gem. According to a Korean buyer, “I have been searching for such kind of product for many years, surprisingly, it appears here, I’m ready to manage these products for the rest of my life.” Then, MetaGem unexpectedly became the focus of the Fair with the most large visitors flow around its booth.


In recent years, scientific industry and fashion industry have cooperated with each other frequently. At the beginning of the year, jointed with Swarovski, Huawei launched Huawei Watch Jewel in CES in America; in 2006, cooperated with Hermes, Apple Incorporation released luxury version of Apple Watch 2. METAGEM, as the first supplier of intelligent gem, showed intelligent gems with different functions in this fair.

The fairy series is representative for women to take selfie, integrating random selfie and message reminding, the smart product has the functions of taking selfies by weaving hand and by touching; meanwhile, there will be blinking light on the interface when receiving incoming call or new message.

Sun-proof Time Series integrating UV ray monitoring and message reminding, combines K gold with ceramics material, shows the charm of both intelligent wear and fashion jewel. It has UV monitoring and protection reminding functions, the pendant will shake and vibrate accompanied with lamplight when receiving incoming call or new message.

Quick Pay Dorey Series: quick pay and city card are introduced in fashion matching. Urban public transportation system is perfectly integrated into the product; quick pay function is quite convenient for people.

Balance Series: this series of product can monitor user’s overall physical condition. It can conduct multi-dimensional health management for users via monitoring of heart rate and blood oxygen, so as to let users know physical condition. In the meantime, it can also record amount of exercise and help users to consume calories. 

METAGEM intelligent gem, its shell is made from fine ceramics (similar material is used in products of Rado, Bvlgari and Cartier). Besides, it has a built-in intelligent chip. Each different style has distinctive function. Involving women’s daily life of street snap, skin care, health management and even emotion relaxation, it perfectly integrates gem decoration with daily function, to add intelligent care in addition to decoration for women.

In the last years, affected by the overall descending economy trend, jewelry and gem industry entered a recession. Young people pay more attention to scientific products instead of jewels and gems, which cause the change in consumption habits. It is worse for jewelry and gem industry, the whole industry maintains in a special period of transformation and upgrading

On the contrary, Apple Watch turned into the second largest watch brand in the world 18 months after its listing, ranked only second to Rolex. It is the most successful watch brand in recent years. From the watch with gold removed in the new presentation conference, high-end and luxurious Apple Watch is not popular at all, instead, the watch with ceramic package is more welcomed.

The rule of traditional watch industry and jewelry tend to be similar: in the past, the material itself is the selling points; but now, design and technique are attached greater importance than materials do. The application of science and technology elements is enjoyed by young people.

Having developed for thousands of years, jewelry and gem industry lost its advantages in new technique and new mode. Intelligent gem will stand out in the whole industry in the future and will occupy a growing market share. Indeed MetaGem intelligent gem is such an advanced product, which enables designers and jewel brands to develop personalized intelligent gem, garment, shoes, bags, etc. so as to bring new opportunity and profit space for industry of fashion brand.

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