Billowy Incoming of CAC Cultural Investment Platform

Jim Rogers, an influential man in the financial circle in Wall Street, made investment management as his career with foresight on investment. He gained nearly ten millions U.S. dollars in more than ten years with over 50% annual rate of return of quantum fund, which brought him the reputation of the greatest investor in the whole world.   

It’s Jim Rogers’ classical saying on investment that “To do what others don’t want and go where others don’t want”, which is also his unusual investment thinking. CAC cultural investment platform, established by the top ten auction companies in the world jointly with Rogers leading, is a new platform created for investment field of culture and artwork.


It’s reported that Jim Rogers, through over ten years of research on Asia financial investment, discovered that investment of artwork in China increased geometrically year by year with 200 billion marketing transactions of Chinese culture and artwork. And he therewith predicted that in the next five years, investment of culture and artwork will face an explosive golden period, in which, based on preliminary estimates, artwork market scale will increase by 500% each year, and CAC cultural investment platform will bring more wealth to investors in the whole world by means of cooperation with the ten auction companies as well as compound interest growth of finance itself.


According to information, under market economy pattern of national reform and opening-up, a great deal of overseas capital swarm into our country and many auction records has been refreshed continuously, while investment in culture and artwork market, in the most difficult period of economic system reforms, is always in a private and individual stage instead of developed and perfect market participation phase. CAC system with main business of investment in culture and artwork is aimed at fast operating capital, and realize compound interest growth of capital by high combination with culture and artwork market, and open capital market of culture and artwork. With further maturity of market, CAC as a focus of investment of culture and artwork certainly will guide all the CAC members to enjoy the feast of bonus in culture and artwork market.


Investment market of culture and artwork is still in blank field and of numerous investment opportunities that first come, first earned. CAC cultural investment platform created by the great international investor Jim Rogers, in addition to static investment income, carried out investment securities of artwork which can be used for different kinds of investment of culture and artwork. When interviewing a principal of CAC cultural investment platform, he said, “We can learn our return of investment every day.”

It’s learned that CAC cultural investment platform will enter into Chinese domestic market in October, 2016, opening completely 200% profit growth. With this long-term investment project, the estimated rate of return for initial investor will reach 200%, which will be kept to be 150% steadily in three to five years with constant maturity of market and project. What an unprecedented feast of capital investment and an expectant investment opportunity. CAC will sweep the whole investment circle.

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