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“For us, soccer is like a poem. We use our feet to write the game with our souls and hearts. The ball at our feet is like pen on paper.” This wonderful requiem was posted by Paul K. I Geek Soccer, where many others have posted about “Pick-Up Soccer,” a variation of the sport where anybody can play, anybody can join, and anybody can attend. The rules, structure, and figurative ivory towers of mainstream soccer are now available for anybody who has the heart and soul to attend and play. 

But what is Pick-Up Soccer? Well, imagine you and a group of friends go online and locate a game of Pick-Up Soccer coming up in the next week or so. All you have to do is attend – mind, body and soul – and you can partake in the game. How is this different from a bunch of friends playing a game of soccer on their nearest street corner? Well, that is the great part about it. There is no real difference! Players are encouraged to have fun, to try new things while playing, and at the end of the day to laugh at their victories, failures, and everything in between. There is a new element of “fun” encouraged by players everywhere.

I Geek Soccer is the place to go to when you are interested in Pick-Up Soccer. Posting tons of photos of these free-for-all games almost weekly, and allowing comments and posts from other players (and even hosting Twitter updates from time to time whenever #PickUpSoccer is used), it is your source for the heart and soul of this game. Though the website hosts much more than just Pick-Up Soccer, it seems to find great pleasure and hardiness in representing some wonderful looks into the world of this new and exciting trend. I would suggest going to the website and locating the posts, as the photos taken are uncanny!

You can also opt to submit your own photo or image, alongside a caption and a post (much like those that are seen in the Pick-Up Soccer section of the website). The site even states in their About Us section that, “I Geek Soccer is the first website to truly embody the other side of soccer. We don’t just work hard to bring you the best soccer reviews. We also play very hard to help shed light on the other side of soccer that is rarely talked about. We work hard, and we play even harder.” 

It seems the site is a culmination of great things relative to soccer, from reviews to game highlights…but the ultimate mission seems to be to promote the glory of Pick-Up Soccer, and engage others to try it. Remember, Pick-Up Soccer is about having fun. The level of skill you have to actually play soccer is indifferent; you are encouraged to still play, learn, and have fun. That is the mission of Pick-Up Soccer. In order to play, all you have to do is have the heart and the mindset to do your very best (not to win, nor to lose, nor anything in between), and above all else: to have a fun time.

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