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TOLEDO, OH – 23 Sep, 2016 – Bionix® Radiation Therapy is pleased to announce their new line of brachytherapy products. Bionix brachytherapy products combine unique innovations with proven brachytherapy technology to bring solutions to the complex treatment of anorectal and esophageal cancers. Bionix brachytherapy products are a component of Bionix’s broad portfolio of patient immobilization devices.

Bionix brachytherapy products will include two unique, innovative devices the AR-1™ and the E-App™. The AR-1™ (anorectal applicator) is a first of its kind, disposable brachytherapy applicator designed specifically for the treatment of anal and rectal cancers. The E-App™ (esophageal applicator) is a first of its kind, disposable brachytherapy applicator designed specifically for the treatment of upper GI cancers. Five independently operable balloons are designed to maintain the central position of the source catheter in both straight and curved anatomy allowing for closer proximity of the target to the source while maintaining distance for healthy tissue. Bionix Radiation Therapy is excited to add these consumable products to their line, which consists of Bionix Accu-tatt, an all-inclusive, sterile, single use tattoo device for patient marking; Bionix TruGuard, a custom tongue and jaw positioner; and the Edge ERB (endorectal balloon), a unique saddle shaped balloon designed to cradle the prostate and provide superior, repeatable internal immobilization.

Bionix and Ancer Medical have formed a strategic partnership to redefine the new Bionix Radiation Therapy, which will combine Bionix’s expertise in patient immobilization with Ancer Medical’s innovative solutions for brachytherapy to provide elegant, disruptive radiotherapy solutions for brachytherapy, internal and external patient immobilization. This is accomplished through clinical collaboration, ensuring non-disruptive implementation with improved outcomes and patient satisfaction.

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Since 1984, Bionix® Radiation Therapy has been providing the radiation therapy community with the innovative, quality and precise products needed to position, reposition and immobilize patients undergoing treatment.

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