Little furry friends can now sport Punk Rock Apparel with Barklyn New Yorkie

Latest NY-based fashion house Barklyn New Yorkie has come up with a cool punk rock inspired clothing line for small and medium dogs with sassy handmade denim jackets designed in punk patches and more.

NY – September 23, 2016 – Do you swear by punk rock fashion and wish everybody could get in the sassy aura of the punk couture? Well, the parents might not be that into it but how about having your beloved furry friend dressed up in the style of Sex Pistols or NOFX? Amazing, right? The good news is a latest New York-based fashion line Barklyn New Yorkie has recently launched some real awesome punk rock fashion clothing for small & medium dogs. Furry fashion just got wee cooler!

“Punk fashion carries an unmatched sassy aura and when we can proudly sport such cool fashion ourselves, then why not our dear furry friends? Wouldn’t it be awesome to go out on a long drive with your pet, both donning sexy denim jackets while NOFX or Black Flag plays in your car? Well, Barklyn New Yorkie is here to make all such dreams come true with its trendy punk rock dog clothing line for pets with awesome style & the right attitude. With fall round the corner, we launched our company strategically of late to get you something just in time for chilly weather”, stated Dena Roberson, a passionate dog lover, punk rock fashion enthusiast & the founder behind Barklyn New Yorkie.

It all started with Dena looking for something truly stylish for her small and extremely cute male yorkie Brooklyn. A dog with great attitude, the regular doggie clothes were just not for him and he inspired a style that is geared towards a specific niche of interests such as the super smart out of the box punk rock fashion – and Barklyn New Yorkie was born.  

“It was my first boyfriend who introduced me to the punk rock music and I just fell for it. My passion for this genre deeply motivated me to come up with sassy punk rock dog clothes that will redefine the dog fashion scene. My love for my Brooklyn also played an eminent role here. The inspiration behind my latest clothing line is an exquisite blend of fashion, music & dogs.” Dena added in.

The newest collection from Dena’s latest dog fashion line includes hoodie & cool cut off denim jackets with handmade quintessential punk rock patches- such triple 6, a mighty scorpion, star and so on. There are also jackets with spikes for dogs with attitude to look up to. Other options include army dog slings, army jacket with barbwire cotton pattern inside etc. The cut off jacket is also sold individually. 

“We are here to pamper our furry friends with lots of choices- great choices of style & attitude and not just pink ruffles.”

To get new punk rock fashion for your dear furry friend back home from Barklyn New Yorkie, visit or Follow the company on social media platform, Instagram: @Barklyn.NewYorkie

Distributed by Iris Schwenk

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