Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer Recommends ChalkTastic Chalk Marker Pens

ChalkTastic’s flagship product chalk marker pens have recently received a positive review from an Amazon Vine Voice reviewer. This product has recently gone past the landmark of seventeen hundred Amazon reviews.

ChalkTastic continues to make a stellar impression on the Amazon shoppers with their flagship product chalk marker pens. An Amazon Vine Voice reviewer has recently posted an excellent review of this high quality accessory. Interestingly, this product has already obtained more than seventeen hundred Amazon reviews. Powered by the groundbreaking response from the Amazon shoppers, these chalk markers have also become the top Amazon bestseller amongst all drawing chalks. This highly rated chalk-based accessory can be purchased at Amazon for $14.77 only.

ChalkTastic is an experienced manufacturer of several chalk based products that have done exceedingly well at Their chalk pens come in sets of eight pieces, each with vibrant colors suitable for different types of creative ventures. These pens are made of a highly concentrated liquid chalk ink capable of delivering bright and attractive colors even after many uses. The pens are extremely durable because of their high ink capacity. ChalkTastic claims that these markers are capable of writing on all types of nonporous surfaces. Many Amazon reviewers now prefer these markers for writing on car windows, chalkboards, writing boards, mirrors, food containers, bistro boards, and many more. Many teachers have also recommended the product as a teaching supply that makes it easy to keep the students focused on the boards.”

Julee Rudolf, an Amazon Vine-Voice reviewer, was highly impressed by the quality of ChalkTastic Chalk Marker Pens. In her review, she said, “We used these markers this year to decorate our van for Ragnar along with another set we borrowed from a friend. These markers performed much better, were brighter and lasted longer than the other brand. It sprinkled in the night, and both sets bled, but decorations made with the other markers nearly slid entirely off our van while these just dripped. They are super bright, easy to use and washed off great. We’ll save them to use for future Ragnar decorating. This is a great set of markers for car windows (which is how we used them). In dry conditions, you’ll love how these bright markers perform.”

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