India’s First BSE Listed Philately and Numismatics Company Rudraksh Cap-Tech Soon to Be NSE Listed

Only this month, Rudraksh Cap-Tech, which is a Gujarat based philately and numismatics company, got BSE listed. The owners said that they will soon become an NSE listed company.

Rudraksh Cap-tech Limited became the first BSE listed philately and numismatics company in India in September this year. The buyer of old and memorable Indian stamps, rare coins, historically significant editions of newspapers, and autographs announced that they have become the first company in this category to become BSE listed. The next objective, as the owners stated, is to become an NSE listed company.

Anirudh Sethi, whose vision laid the first stone for the company, recently told the press that the board of directors has already devised future plans to diversify their business interests in the fields of philately and numismatics. “We don’t only engage in selling and buying stamps, coins and historic newspapers, but we also want to work in an advisory capacity to help collectors of these items in choosing and buying the rarest of the rare stamps, coins etc at best prices”, told Sethi during a press conference.

The company understands that trust and reliability of their customers are the two biggest pillars of success, and they want to continue offering reliable services to their clients in every way possible.

“The process of stamp or coin collection starts right from online searching, which essentially boils down to searching in online directories. Many don’t recognize that it’s not just a hobby, but also a business opportunity. For example, an Indian stamp bearing the image of Gandhi was bought at rupees 10 back in 1948. But it can be sold at rupees 35,000 or above. It’s an alternative investment option which many people fail to realize”, Anirudh Seth argued during the press conference. Seth, who is highly active on Twitter and recently wrote a blog on the alternative investment option, is also of an opinion that investment in coins and stamps is even more profitable than investing in stocks.

“We look forward to getting listed as an NSE company too, which we believe would happen only in a matter of time. Our visionary and CEO Anirudh Sethi will soon fly to Luxemburg to generate interest about stamp and coin collection among non-resident Indians and foreigners”, said Kumar  Acharya, a spokesperson of Rudraksh Cap-Tech.

About the Company

Rudraksh Cap-Tech deals in stamps, coins andold newspapers. Rudraksh Cap-Tech will open India’s First National Historical Newspaper Museum in Baroda/Gujarat/India. It already started Sale of Stamps from online website: The company intends to have own auction house and will do auction for stamps, coins, Newspapers, Autographs.

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