Tacoma Icon Stan Naccarato’s Grandson Aims to Continue Legacy

Shortly after the passing of Stan ‘Mr. Tacoma’ Naccarato, his family looks to carry on his legacy in the city he promoted for over half a decade.

Naccarato Network, LLC was registered with the Secretary of state in Washington on September 11, 2016 only months after the passing of the local icon remembered by many for his contributions to local sports and community in Tacoma. Naccarato Network was founded by Stan’s grandson, a Tacoma native, combat veteran and ambitious entrepreneur 29 year-old Nicholas Naccarato. When asked if he planned on trying to fill the large shoes of his Grandfather, Naccarato replied cautiously “To claim even the attempt wouldn’t leave me much room for success.” Naccarato did, however want his intent to be clear, “I can honor him as best as I can by continuing to work for opportunity to share with local small business and the community.”

Promoting itself as offering services related to marketing, strategy, and talent management, Naccarato Network’s doors have only been open but a few months, and claims an interesting list of clientele, ranging from individual creatives to small businesses ranging as far as Issaquah. How is promoting endeavours such as those good for the community? Naccarato’s pitch is hard to deny- “True community, teamwork, The Team.. it all starts by supporting one another. You won’t get very far if you go up to all your friends with your hand out, so I choose instead to approach them with something to offer. When the cause is good, the wins build confidence, with it a track record of success.. then together we push toward real movement.”

Although comprised of less than 10 employees, Naccarato has mounting support and guidance from an impressive roster of advisors. One of which, the Naccarato Network reveals in the form of a 36.5 million dollar real estate development right here in Pierce County. CEO Don Bartlett of Momentum Partners confirms, Springbrook Apartments, an upscale affordable housing development is set to break ground in Lakewood this February. Bartlett hopes the HUD project’s proximity to JBLM can help alleviate the area’s high demand for affordable housing, “..is one small gift we can hope to make a big difference with.” Bartlett and Naccarato both agree 8 figures may be a staggering number, but much remains to be done for the community.

“Artists, entrepreneurs, innovators, dreamers.. they have the talent to create, and the ambition to pursue, sometimes they just need one more piece to the puzzle; one encouraging shove, one handshake, one resource. If they’re ready to be the star of the show we’re perfectly content as only the catalyst.”

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