Re-inventing Midlife with Passion, Purpose and Plan: New Book and Mentorship Program Reveals All

MARKHAM, ON, September 26, 2016 – Many midlifers today, in their late forties to fifties, are finding themselves pushing against the wall. There is however a greener side to the midlife crisis that one man has seen, and is now revealing it all. Kevin Huhn, award winning expert, certified coach and author, is sharing new insights, methods and programs of change to manage midlife crises through a new book, mentorship program and a live transformation seminar.

Many Midlifers never thought life will ‘turn out like this’. They have many things to sort out – get over financial hurdles, start a new business or find a new job, health, manage a new turn in relationships, and so on. They need to rediscover their passion, purpose and plan. Kevin Huhn, the midlife crisis expert and life coach, shows in his new book, ‘How to Reinvent Midlife Dreams’, that dreams are not about size or grandeur, but their inspiration and benefit to others.

Kevin Huhn identifies the eight elements anyone can leverage to massively reinvent their life,” says Steve Olsher, New York Times bestselling author. Huhn is also offering a comprehensive mentorship program, ‘Realize Midlife Dreams’, and a 3-day intentional transformation live seminar, ‘Savour Midlife Dreams’, which reveal a proven, step-by-step process in group mentoring sessions and all the tools and ingredients necessary to taste real midlife success, from spiritual, physical and intellectual to the environment and social.

Kevin knows because he has been there and done that. He spent one full year  traveling through Canada, meeting midlifers and connecting the findings with his ten year long research to uncover basic concepts of life. He reached his boyhood dream with success in his pro hockey career nine years ago, but realized that his calling did not end there.

Whatever IT  is, you’ll need to decide who you need to be in order to begin to realize IT  in your life,” says Kevin. The result is a breakthrough book on midlife crises and mentoring programs that give a purpose to those who are stuck, a passion to those lost, and a plan to the unsure.

” I have come across many great people in my life and Kevin is one who is a true breath of fresh air when it comes to following their passion and helping others along the way,” says Andy Hill, Best Selling Author of ‘Be Quick—But Don’t Hurry’.

About Kevin Huhn

Kevin is an award winning expert, certified coach and author whose books include “Hockey-ology” and “How to Reinvent Midlife Dreams”. He was recently dubbed one of Canada’s best midlife transformation coach. After chasing his boyhood dream for nearly 40 years, it finally came true when he became the Director of Business Development for the Central Hockey League followed by sales & marketing consultant to the SPHL. In 2012 he also won a Civic Recognition Award from the City of Markham.  He is also a philanthropist and relationship craftsman as he was part of the advisory board for Princess Margaret’s Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer benefit, bringing together 13 City Mayors across the GTA (Greater Toronto Area, Canada) to play road hockey for the cause raising over $11,000.

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