Valerie Fahren Is Helping Artists Take Their Music Careers To The Next Level

LOS ANGELES, CA – 9/26/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Standing out in the music scene has always been a tough task—standing out in today’s music scene has become something of a nightmare.

With the internet opening the flood gates, aspiring artists are everywhere looking for their lucky break. So, how exactly does one set oneself apart from the rest?

That is where Valerie Fahren comes in.

As a performer herself, Valerie has real professional experience in the music industry under her belt. Starting from the young age of nineteen with her band’s original song hitting the radio, she has since recorded with the likes of Neil Diamond, Chick Corea, Edgar Winter, The Wilson Sisters, and many more. Additionally, she has starred in numerous Equity musicals and operas, including “Carmen” and “Three Penny Opera.”

Through her own personal experience with the industry, Valerie has been able to isolate certain fundamental vocal techniques that apply to all styles. Not only is she able to quickly and expertly locate the exact difficulty any singer is having, but she also knows exactly what technique to apply to fix it.

But a strengthened voice, increased range, improved quality, more control, and auditions booked are only a few of the benefits Valerie’s students experience. Her highly competitive Artist Development program is where things really take off. This program is intended to take singers/songwriters/actors of any level and get them fully prepared and ready for a real career in the industry. Services include vocal coaching and production, career development consulting, audition preparation, songwriting and music theory, and introductions to photographers, producers, agents, managers, and any other service one might need to make it.

The highlight of Valerie’s Artist Development program is the Industry Showcase she holds every few months. These showcases demonstrate every aspect of each client—their singing, songwriting, acting, and dancing talents. In attendance at each showcase are countless Record Producers, A&R/Talent Scouts, Managers, Agents, Casting Directors, and Producers which Valerie invites through her hundreds of industry connections. The cherry on top is the panel of Record Label Representatives present at each showcase. This gives performers exposure they wouldn’t get anywhere else—potentially leading to huge future career opportunities. Additionally, each panel member gives invaluable feedback on every performance which is then utilized by Valerie in future lessons to continue making each client the absolute best they can be.

One of her current Artist Development clients, Pierce Driessen, has gone from singing in the shower to writing original songs, playing multiple instruments, dancing with professional choreographers, performing in front of industry professionals, working with Grammy-winning producers, touring, and creating his own music videos that already have over 75,000 views!

Other success stories include Sabrina Bryan (Disney’s ‘Cheetah Girls’ and ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’), Erika Christensen (feature film actress, Parenthood), Alison Sudol (lead singer of A Fine Frenzy), Juliette Lewis (feature film actress and lead singer of “Juliette and the Licks”), Lynsey Bartilson (starred in the hit TV show “Grounded for Life”), Bosko Kante (record producer/singer—credits include recordings with Kanye West and Tupac), Damien Perkins (lead in “Aida” on Broadway), and that’s just a small sample.

Those passionate and dedicated to really making it will want to get in touch with her to start making definite strides toward real success.

Or, in Valerie’s own words: “I can only take on artists who are passionate about making it in the music industry. It takes 110% commitment to achieving that goal; that’s the only attitude that will provide the best opportunity for success. I’ve had excellent results with my clients who are dedicated. Anyone is welcome to apply for this Artist Development program, but I can only devote my time and resources to a select few.”

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