September – US – IMYPATH is set to shake up the world of social media, on track to challenge social media giants such as Facebook and Instagram.

The new multi-platform social network brings individuals together across a variety of specific interest categories from all around the world.

Allowing its users to communicate, connect and socialize with those in the same interest category, the social media platform is being tipped as the ‘universal social network,’ offering a method of communication not currently available from its more traditional competitors.

Completely free for its users, IMYPATH functions by allowing its users to control what they see, while instantly connecting the user to worldwide members in the same category.

The revolutionary search feature contained within IMYPATH, gives the power of social media back to the user, cutting down the amount of often irrelevant feeds on a user’s wall, and creating a more useful and exciting means of communicating, sharing and viewing.

The impact from IMYPATH is vast. With a user’s post being placed on a global category list, the potential to market their work or lifestyle is huge, providing an incredibly powerful marketing and networking tool.

Also, IMYPATH allows its users to rate their peer’s profiles, rating them between 1 and five stars. This system not only allows products to be marketed and opinions to be measured, but also to allow user profiles to be rated within a category.

While IMYPATH has an extensive subject offering already, anyone can create a new category. Low performing categories will be deleted, but high performing categories could prove a global success, reaching millions and potentially billions of users.

Business users are unsurprisingly attracted to IMYPATH, due to its targeted global reach. By signing an IMYPATH business contract, the category or business will be placed in the Paid Category section.

Category moderators monitor the site to ensure that categories are being used appropriately, effectively and safely.

IMYPATH is a “no pop-up ads” platform, which has proved to be a hugely popular decision, allowing users to enjoy a seamless and undisturbed experience.

Available via the website, IMYPATH is also available as an Apple & Android app.

Media Contact
Company Name: Imypaths
Contact Person: Mark Alonzo Alexander
Phone: 209-222-3580
Country: United States