Seattle travellers home from vacation with unwelcome souvenirs and it\’s Bed Bugs and need AMPM Exterminators

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To completely rid your home of bed bugs, hiring a professional exterminator is recommended.Ampm exterminators uses the integrated pest management (IPM) approach. Instead of relying entirely on pesticides or chemicals, IPM uses a combination of chemical measures, preventive measures, and sanitation to improve efficacy and limit environmental impact.
For a full Control and Removal treatment process, expect to pay anywhere from $779 to $1,499, depending on the method Ampm exterminators 98008

What are these little bugs in the bed:

Itchy swollen bites were the first sign that the Seattle traveller noticed
on the son. After checking all 4 bedrooms it wasn’t looking good. It’s
important to know that the itchy bites can take up to 14 days to develop in
most people. So nobody was exempt at this point. After all the family had
been gone on holidays for 21 days. The homeowner started investigating for
other clues to find out what these pesky pests were.

First things first was to Identify the Bed Bugs:

In the search online, the homeowner, found very useful information to see
what type of bug this was that had infiltrated the home. The following
information is exactly what the Dad needed.
Bed bugs are small flat insects that dine on blood. The pests are up at
night and attack while everyone is asleep. Look for adult bed bugs that are
about 1/4 of an inch long. The bed bugs have flat oval bodies and are rusty
red colored. After feeding on human blood, 3 to 10 minutes afterwards it
swells and turns bright bloody red. The Dad decided to take some pictures
to email to AMPM Exterminators to verify that this was indeed a bed bug

How the Bed Bugs got into this Seattle home:

The family had been on a three week vacation and the bed bugs hitched a
ride into the home on and in infested luggage, backpacks and even handbags.
Which, once inside, the creatures started making a home in the mattresses,
headboards, bedding, furniture and clothing. Just about anywhere. It’s a
known fact that Bed bugs can travel between rooms through electrical
sockets. The bed bugs can get through small cracks, crevices and
ventilation ducts.

AMPM Exterminators verified and confirmed this was a full blown Bed Bug

Sadly it was confirmed that there was a bed bugs infestation. AMPM
Exterminators technician went over the preparation steps needed to take to
get ready for the bed bug exterminator service. It was advised that the
whole house needed to be vacuumed to capture the bed bugs which included
the eggs. Also needed to vacuum the entire mattress, bed frame, baseboards,
and all objects close to the bed. Furniture made with cloth can harbor the
bed bugs. Put the vacuum bag in a plastic bag and seal it then put in the
outside garbage immediately.
Wash all your linens in hot water and place them in a hot dryer for at
least 20 minutes. If possible do laundry at a laundromat and be sure to bag
all pieces in plastic bags, sealed and marked washed. Mattresses,
headboards, box springs and pillows needed to be enclosed with a certified
bed bug cover encasement. Which can be found at hardware chain stores.
Remove all clutter and discard all items that are not being used. Whenever
the family returns home the clothing must be changed in the bathroom where
plastic bags should be ready for use. Label dirty and get laundry done as
soon as possible. Empty closets and bag contents. The crucial thing to keep
in mind is if the preparation steps are not followed to a tee then the
extermination service will have to be repeated.

Seattle travellers home from vacation with unwelcome souvenirs: and it’s
Bed Bugs and AMPM Exterminators answered the owner’s call:

The Seattle Pest Control company choice was AMPM Exterminators. The
technician identified the invader and gave specific instructions for the
preparation of bed bug infestation elimination service. Bedbug treatments
are intense and the elimination has to be done in a very thorough manner
and in its entirety. It is not uncommon where certain situations after the
initial visit may need more than one treatment. AMPM Exterminators
professional Exterminator made sure that the specific instructions were
understood before treatment begun.The service also included steps needed to
be followed for after treatment. It was very important to put emphasis on
the fact that it was mandatory to follow these instructions precisely as
directed. Not following the recommendations would result in starting the
extermination service all over again. The Seattle hsd decided to contact a
pest control service to get rid if the Bed Bug Infestation made the best
choice in contacting AMPM Exterminators. The job was completed, the Bed
Bug Infestation was taken care of and the Seattle Traveller was stress
free, slept well and grateful to the best pest control in the Northwest.
Who should be called….. AMPM Exterminators.


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