Corporate Espionage at NanoC University Malaya

Australia 25/09/16 – It has been discovered that some of Quantum Petroleum’s trade secrets have been compromised, resulting in damages worth an estimated 15 billion Malaysian Ringgit (nearly $4 billion USD).

It all started when a Quantum Petroleum ex-executive director, Manimaran Periasamy, was working to coordinate a joint Venture with the NanoC University Malaya. During that process, it was discovered that Periasamy had actually been passing Lubrizol additives to the university so that they could reverse engineer the formula.This act undermined Quantum Petroleum’s technology specific techniques that were being used to create perfect oil-based lubricants, cutting down on waste products while improving efficiency. This trade secret is valued at fifteen billion Malaysian Ringgit (approximately $4 billion USD).

With the trade secret now being passed around, its value has significantly declined and has been an extremely damaging act against Quantum Petroleum. Plus, by stealing the technology and claiming it as their own, the perpetrators in this crime are able to CLAIM BILLIONS from government grants!

Today, Quantum Petroleum is seeking legal justice through the appropriate channels; however, the prospect of a fair outcome is doubtful given the extensive control held by NanoC University in Malaysia and the exceptionally slow wheels of justice. To make matters worse Malaysia gives foreigners no legal rights, making the upcoming legal battle tremendously difficult to arrange.

At this time, Quantum Petroleum has been forced to seek justice through international IP laws. This makes the case even more significant due to the precedent that it will set. If NanoC University gets away with their actions without any penalty, it will certainly lead to similar actions and other crimes in the future.

Manimaran Periasamy has been terminated from Quantum Petroleum and is currently awaiting his fate against criminal charges. Unfortunately, while the wait continues, NanoC University Malaya, Dr. Professor Bee, Ho See Keong, Digital Cloud, Quantum supremo, QS Lubricant, Nano Cat, Nano Lubricant, Nano Venture and all of their associates are able to steal billion from government grants and to franchise lubricant plant technology, which is valued at $100 million USD per plant.

Please speak up about this horrifying issue and help us reach a speedy conclusion. This type of behavior is unacceptable and must stop!

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Quantum Petroleum is an Australian-based company dedicated to providing the highest quality products available. They produce the most refined lubricant that satisfies the American Petroleum Institute (API) standards. Quantum Petroleum also values our planet and shows this through their green initiative. To support this they use semi-synthetic alternatives which are less environmentally damaging than their traditional counterparts.

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