Hotel Bed Bugs Infestation ripple effect turned Tidal Wave statics with from seattle exterminators reports

“seattle exterminators believe that every family should feel comfortable and safe in their own home. Rats, mice, ants, and termites destroy this atmosphere by encroaching on your home and destroying your property. Our goal is to remove these critters to he”
seattle exterminators believe that every family should feel comfortable and safe in their own home. Rats, mice, ants, and termites destroy this atmosphere by encroaching on the home and destroying your property.The goal is to remove these critters to help restore your home’s integrity and security. Pest control services include inspections, exterminations, and preventative treatments.

Bed Bugs have caused a ripple effect in the Greater Seattle area. North,
South, East, West and different counties of Western Washington.Here is an
example of how one family of vacationers could unknowingly infest more than
the home. By the time the travellers got home the ripple effect had turned
into a tidal wave. The homeowner wasn’t sure what the itchy bites were
that was driving the kids nuts. That is until a live bed bug was found in
one of the children’s beds. True fact is that it can take up to 14 days for
the nasty creatures to rear it’s ugly head. The Dad made the perfect
decision and that was to take pictures of the bug and made the choice to
call in a pest control service and notified AMPM Exterminators to eliminate
the infestation.

How did the nasty Bed Bugs get into the residence:

The family went on a three-week vacation that involved 3 different cities,
3 different hotels and 3 car rentals. So there was ample opportunity to
pick up the bed bugs. Unbeknownst to the travelers the bed bugs had jumped
onto the luggage, backpacks, and clothing for a free ride. The bed bugs
were on board from the first hotel and because the car rentals had material
covered seats the blood suckers made a new home there too. Due to the fact
that the bed bugs caught a ride from the first hotel is how the ripple
effect begun. Due to the changing of hotels and different car rentals the
spreading of this much-dreaded bug was on it’s way. The homeowner now knew
that this was a huge problem. A bedbug infestation needed an experienced
pest control specialist to take care of the problem. The owner made the
decision to call AMPM Exterminators and the professionals were more than
ready to tackle the big bed bug exterminating job. The priority now was to
definitely identify exactly what bugs were residing in the home.

Identifying a bed bug is first step to verifying the infestation:

Most folks own or have access to online keyword searches on computers,
laptops and cell phones. The homeowner did just that and was able to not
only email the pictures of the bug to the Bed Bug Pest company AMPM
Exterminators, but was able to give a physical description of locations
where the pests were living. The black stains on sheets were a big tip off.
Because of the online search the Dad learned that adult bed bugs are
brown/red, flat and do not have wings. Oval shaped and about 4-5 mm in
length and very swift runners. It’s color changes after dining on a blood
meal to a deep red. Although the bed bugs are flat all over the pests will
blow up once blood engorged due to feeding on human blood.

AMPM Exterminators was able to identify the pest as a full blown Bed Bug

Confirmation per the submitted emailed photos was that there definitely was
a bed bug infestation. Per the initial call, AMPM Exterminators technician
went over the necessary steps that needed to be taken to prepare for the
bed bug exterminator service. The entire home needed to be vacuumed to pick
up the bed bugs and the eggs. All mattresses also had to be vacuumed along
with bed frames, baseboards, and everything in close proximity to the beds.
Bed bugs love to snuggle into fabric furniture. After the vacuuming the
full bags were put in a plastic bag, sealed and put in the outside garbage
Linens and clothing were washed in hot water and put in dryer for at least
20 minutes. If possible do laundry at a laundromat and be sure to bag all
pieces in plastic bags, sealed and marked washed. The entire bedding and
pillows needed to be sealed in plastic bags. There are specially made bed
bug cover encasements sold to put headboards and mattresses into and
sealed. These can found at hardware stores. Clean out all clutter and
discard items that are not being used. When the family returned home the
clothing had be removed in the bathroom. Put in plastic bag and labeled
dirty. Doing laundry as soon as possible was highly recommended. Closets
were emptied and contents bagged. It was crucial that the preparation
steps were followed to a tee. If any the steps were forgotten or ignored
then the process for service would have to be repeated.

Hotel Bed Bugs ripple effect in Greater Seattle and AMPM Exterminators was
homeowner’s choice to get rid of bed bug infestation:

AMPM Exterminators technician identified the creepy crawlers and gave
detailed instructions for the getting ready to bust out this bed bug ripple
effect infestation. Bedbug treatments are not a walk in the park. Getting
rid of the nasty pests had to be done fully and thoroughly. It is not
uncommon that after the initial visit there may be a need more than one
treatment. AMPM Exterminators professional Exterminator checked to make
sure that the the workflow instructions were understood before the
treatment begun.The service also included steps that needed to be done
after treatment. AM Exterminators professional could not stress enough the
importance of following all instructions and steps for a successful
treatment to get rid of the bed bugs. If the workflow was not adhered to
than the extermination service would have to be repeated. The bed bug
ripple that turned into a tidal wave was squelched. the Seattle travellers
were finished with the stress that had taken over lives. Thanks to AMPM
Exterminators who highly values the customers.

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