Natelia White Offering Latest art of the blouse collections for slender Women.

Julia- Alaska- September 27, 2016. Natelia White announced the launch of its trendy online store with the latest art of the blouse collections for female. Fashionable women around the world are excited about this grand opening of bust-friendly  blouse collections, especially since the superb fall and winter collection has also expanded to consist more of women’s trendy designer clothing. All merchandise sold at Natelia  is 100% authentic and backed with a money back guarantee.

Women are very choosy about what they wear, and this is why, Natelia white has a huge collection of the latest women bust-friendly fitted art blouses designed  to show off curves without sacrificing comfort. This collections is designed with a wide assortment of materials, and styles. Women everywhere can shine and reflect their queen-like beauty with these art of the blouse collections.

Inspired by women in today’s busy world, who manage careers, care for families, and strive to better their communities, Natelia White art of the blouse collection brings fun, relaxation and style to these women.

Product development/sales personnel for Natelia White said: Our online store is a one-stop shop for fashion Conscious women. Our mission is to address the need in women’s attire to fit busty women without compromising a slender silhouette while remaining focused on creating elegant, sophisticated, sexy, tailored clothing.

Be among the fashion queens who “Style-Up” their blouses with our exclusive art of the blouse collections. Get yours here:

About Natelia White: Natalie White finds little time for clothes shopping and as a woman with a full bust-line it has been especially difficult where shirts and blouses are concerned. Not one to be daunted by a challenge, and exasperated with wearing a larger size to accommodate her curvy figure, Natalie decided if she could not find blouses that fit and flattered her otherwise slender figure, she would create her own. After a series of trial and error, she developed a new “bust friendly” women’s shirt collection that is modern, sophisticated, sexy and feminine…that will look elegant on the many style-conscious women that are looking for this fit.

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Company Name: Natelia White
Contact Person: Ann Simmons
Phone: 205-542-361
Address:1155 US Highway 641 N, Eddyville, Kentucky 42038
Country: United States