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Even as the age of digital designs and mass production inches forward, few things can replace the beauty of handcrafted products. Everyone has seen or bought handicraft items, but what about the most important household goods that no one can live without – furniture? Mr. Tippie is one such warrior of the traditional school, who still makes furniture by hand.

Mr. Tippie now invites everyone to join and share in his passion through his personal website and blog,

One of the few websites of its kind, offers plenty of advice and tips on a range of topics of interest to buyers of handmade furniture. From revamping the outdoor patio to use of pellets or various aspects of a chest of drawers, Mr. Tippie has great insights to share on buying, creating or maintaining handmade furniture. The website also offers handpicked affiliate links containing great deals on tools, supplies, home & garden, home decor and home remodeling.

A home is your personal space and it should speak about you too. Rather than going with the things that are popular or trending and owned by neighbors, design your home with handcrafted furniture, whether you get them made from someone based on your ideas, or make them yourself,” said Mr. Tippie.

Handmade furniture can give a unique can creative look to any home. It allows every detail to be just as the user wants, ensures eco-friendly materials are used and labor practices are ethical, supports local economy, contributes to craftsmen and artists’ livelihood, ensures better quality and allows the homeowner’s ideas and feelings to be crafted into objects. is where any home owner can indulge in their creative and artistic pursuits. Among home accessories that can be made by hand are coffee tables, chairs and side tables with many do-it-yourself methods and choice of designs and materials to decorate a home.

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