Commercial Services expansion is the next step for Bionical LLC in the drive to improve patient-outcomes in the US

At Bionical, they have a singular focus – improving health outcomes for patients. Services that extend through the commercialization-phase are the next logical step in their growth. Following the acquisition of McCallan Health they are now strengthening their U.S. team with the addition of Wendy Wolf to the Bionical group as the President of Bionical Commercial Services. Graham McIntosh, Group CEO commented “With twenty-three years in pharmaceutical leadership, sales, marketing and operations and significant expertise in Contract Services Organizations (CSO) Wendy understands what it’s like to be the client as well as the service provider. Wendy’s understanding of varying client needs and business models will enable Bionical to continue to develop flexible and innovative solutions with our clients.”

Bionical recognizes that the challenge of improving health outcomes is complex and the success of pharmaceutical treatments can be influenced by careful patient selection, patient education and support. As a result of nonadherence, many patients are not receiving the full health benefits of the pharmaceutical therapies they are prescribed. It is well known in their industry that “…medication nonadherence is a significant contributor to avoidable health care costs in this country. While impact on disease outcome and cost is more pronounced in some illnesses than others, stakeholders agree that increasing medication adherence would improve health outcomes and save billions of dollars.”Our goal at Bionical is to support patients at all stages, from clinical trials through commercialization to the improvement in health outcomes.

With an in-house team of behavioral scientists Bionical brings a fresh perspective to the promotion and use of medicines and the dialogue between healthcare professionals and patients. The behaviors of patients, such as whether they take medications as directed, refill prescriptions on time, and make necessary adjustments to their lifestyle can have a significant impact on the outcomes achieved.  Bionical’s clinical heritage brings a deep understanding of patient expectations and behavior to our solutions. Their involvement with patients begins with providing access to difficult-to-find product at the clinical trial stage, extends through public health and specialist clinical and health services, and continues into commercial channels.

This expansion to the Bionical suite of services is benefiting from the skills and expertise that Ms. Wolf brings to Bionical.

“Bionical’s patient focus is the “why” behind my joining the team. As a Pharmaceutical ‘verteran’ I am excited to be a part of an organziation that is putting patients and clinical outcomes at the forefront of the equation. It’s why we are all here and it’s why the patient should be the focus during evey stage of the process, and Bionical does just that” said Wolf.  “Additionally, the Bionical Group, with significant experience in the UK is ahead of the learning curve in managing single payer and government payer markets, which could prove beneficial for U.S. clients.”

Ms. Wolf’s full profile is available on LinkedIn and she welcomes and values new connections.

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About Bionical

As an integrated outsourced specialist, Bionical challenges the norm by stimulating creative, custom solutions for client partners. These solutions delivered through three key divisions – Clinical, Commercial, Communications – provide improved patient outcomes through the communication, engagement and behavioral skills and tools of our teams.

As a company we have a singular focus on improving clinical outcomes for patients. Our involvement begins with providing access to difficult to find product at clinical trial, extends through specialist clinical trial services and continues into commercial channels and delivery. Partnering with our outsourced clinical specialist teams provides a perfect way to bridge from clinical to commercial. Our engagement platform, MED Select™ has been improved meaningful engagement time for representatives to almost 7 minutes for over 13,500 US representatives and delivered patient education in many languages tailored to the needs and counseling style of the HCP.

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