The Annual ADHD Awareness Expo Returns For Its Seventh Year

According to the Center for Disease Control, each year the percent of children diagnosed with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) continues to rise by around five percent.(1) Tragically, only about half of these people receive the publicly recommended guidance they need to become functioning, well-developed adults.(2) Of these diagnosed children, about sixty percent carry the disease through adulthood, where they are offered little to no advice.(3) There are simply not enough trustworthy and affordable resources available to help those plagued by Attention Deficit Disorder. Here to remedy just that is the return of the annual ADHD Awareness Expo this October 2nd through 8th. The expo will feature Dr. Edward Hallowell along with over thirty other ADD/ADHD experts, providing resourceful and relevant information for all kinds of people.

The entire six-day expo very much holds this theme of inclusiveness. Visitors can tune in to just about any topic, including advice specific to raising a child with ADHD, being a successful woman with ADHD, and holding healthy relationships while coping with ADHD. Through these tailored video lectures anyone can find exactly the advice they need to move forward in managing the disorder. In addition to these need specific speeches, are thought provoking speeches containing innovative tips and advice. These speeches include subjects like “Steps to Mindfulness”, “Exercise as a Treatment for ADHD”, and “ADHD is Situational”. As a side benefit, the speeches will be archived immediately after they appear live, allowing everyone, no matter their timezone, to get the guidance they need to hear. As a virtual event the expo provides inherently nondiscriminatory guidance around the world, so anyone with an internet connection is welcome to listen in.

Aside from the variety of topics present is the quality with which the event will be conducted. The ADHD Awareness Expo will feature expert speakers as well as recommended and revered services. The keynote speaker, Dr. Edward Hallowell, is a renowned ADHD consultant, author, and host of podcast Distraction. His website was even featured on Healthline as a leading ADHD blog. Another vital staff member is the organizer for this expo, Tara McGillicuddy, the founder of and host of ADHD Support Talk Radio, who will surely apply her expertise to benefit everyone attending.

What’s more is the cost of the event: nothing. The event is completely free and even comes with a free goodie bag upon request. All anyone has to do to join in is register with a valid email address. The entire expo is paid for by a plethora of sponsors. To become a sponsor, those interested can either pay for ad space or earn an ad space through word of mouth. By referring registrants, interested sponsors are able to be a part of the ADHD Awareness Expo team at no cost. Through the support of these sponsors and viewers the ADHD Awareness Expo is on track to becoming the largest ADD/ADHD expo yet.

About The ADHD Awareness Expo

The ADHD Awareness Expo will take place October 2nd through 8th and is organized by Tara McGillicuddy, an adult living with ADHD. She is the founder of several free websites dedicated to helping those with ADHD and hosts one the top ADHD podcast on itunes. Tara plans to make this expo better than ever with two decades of experience in the field.

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