Hidden Shadow Government Leads US Closer to Armageddon – Book Release

Announcing Sentinels Of The Constitution, a novel of politics, terror, conspiracy… and Patriotism

SAN ANTONIO, TX – 27 Sep, 2016 – Employing his obscene wealth, power, influence and disregard for the Laws of the Land, Hassan chooses a new candidate to be elected his new puppet. His objective? To continue the “change” needed to destroy the culture, heritage, character, and quality of life in what at one time was the nation which was the envy of the world, the United States of America!

A young officer is killed by friendly fire; a journalist whose still unpublished expose threatens the White House dies in a fiery crash; an Airbus inexplicably disappears; nuclear devices being transported between laboratories in the southwest are hijacked! Only a conspiracy theorist could connect these disparate events. Our attention is on the next presidential election which looms. Behind the scenes, attempts are made to discredit the populist candidate, the Texas lieutenant governor as she threatens The Circle’s agenda. Or is it just politics as un-usual?

At the right places at the right or wrong? time, Pete Bull, an African American air force officer, teams up with a clandestine group of patriots who call themselves “The Sentinels of the Constitution” to thwart a seemingly invincible and invisible opponent. Join Major Bull, the Sentinels and the candidate as they proceed through this labyrinth, a step or two behind a brilliant chess master, mathematical and scientific genius intent seeking revenge on America.

This patriotic political thriller has been described by the first readers as impossible to put down. Sentinels is a wakeup call for us all to choose to defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights and demand our leaders respect their responsibilities to us, the citizens! If the scenario seems far-fetched, you haven’t been watching the news. A screenplay is currently in the works.

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