Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® Talks B2B Business and Loyalty Programs with Motivforce Marketing & Incentives

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LOS ANGELES, September 27,  2016— Motivforce Marketing & Incentives, a global company that successfully develops and deploys B2B programs that span every region of the planet, is a featured company on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®.

During the segment, David Cox, CEO, speaks about some challenges businesses are facing when creating loyalty programs in an attempt to achieve a valuable return on investment. He said, “A lot of companies are deploying these loyalty programs because they need them as a part of their marketing mix and participants are expecting it as a part of their product and service offering. The biggest challenge that people have is that they rush these programs out without actually thinking through the objectives and what they are trying to achieve in delivering these programs.”

He continued by discussing what his company is doing to assist businesses with these kinds of challenges. He said, “The important element is that the very first people to sign up for these programs are going to be your best customers. You must deliver on the loyalty promise. We take the time to research the new designs of loyalty programs and we test and experiment what those new designs are going to be. We bring them together [the businesses and the loyalty programs].”

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Vice President of Programming for Worldwide Business, JL Haber, was quoted stating, “Unless properly executed, a loyalty program can be a big flop. It is important to get these things right the first time around which is exactly what Motivforce is doing with their clients.”

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