Bixpy Jet – The Most Powerful and Adaptive Water Jet Drive

Bixpy is aiming to raise $125,000 in pre-orders on KickStarter to begin mass production of their water propulsion system:  the most powerful, portable and modular water jet on the market to date.

“The Bixpy Jet is an electric water jet propulsion system that is designed to attach to virtually anything that needs a motorized boost in water,” stated Houman Nikmanesh, Bixpy’s founder. “You can attach a Bixpy Jet to your kayak, standup paddle board, canoe or even hold one underwater as a diver propulsion device.”  

The compact motor weighs about two pounds (one kg). Its lithium-ion battery, is capable of pushing a kayak or standup paddle board over seven mph. It can be used on small watercraft or handheld as a personal propulsion device for snorkeling or scuba diving.

“We have worked very hard to bring Bixpy Jets to a point where they are ready to be manufactured,” according to Nikmanesh. “We are out of prototyping and have already produced final working models.”

The project has fourteen levels of donations with rewards, from $5 to $1400. From $550 on up, the donor receives a package reward which includes a Bixpy Jet and a variety of accessories.

“We are a small team of passionate entrepreneurs, adventure seekers and devoted gadget geeks,” stated Daniela Machado, Bixpy’s Marketing Officer. “We love tinkering and building and more than anything, we love making innovative products that are not only functional and beautiful, but intuitive to use and most importantly, fun to own.”

According to Nikmanesh, the concept for the Bixpy Jet began in 2014 when he was on a kayak fishing trip off the coast of San Diego with friends. He said they ventured a little further out than they should have and learned the difficulties of fighting current and wind in their small boats.  

“Luckily, we returned home without incident,” he explains, “but the next morning, we were on an unfruitful hunt to motorize our kayak, which eventually led us on a mission to build a motor for all kayakers, who like us wanted to venture further, faster and with more confidence.”

After fine tuning their design, they spent about 18 months perfecting the motor “making it rugged, yet beautiful and powerful, yet intuitive to use,” Nikmanesh said.

Innovations in the design include the world’s first handheld water jet, it’s interchangeable power packs, and Marine-grade components. In addition all units are waterproof and buoyant.

The first shipments to customers are expected to begin in March 2017.

“We are now proud to have created one of the most innovative products in the water sports industry and can’t wait to see how it will change the way we all interact with our favorite water activities,” said Machado.

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