Multi-Racial, Multi-Ethnic North Texans Unite

FORT WORTH, TX – 28 Sep, 2016 – We are a small technical company based in North Texas and your previous coverage of local technology stories has us hoping to become one. I thought I’d share with you an inspiring story of a group of less than ten multi-racial, multi-ethnic men/women, able and disabled Americans, who have come together to challenge larger industries with a new technology at least five years ahead of its time.

Our head engineer fell out of a tree and by all accounts should not be here but it is his key contribution that can change the course of all future electric travel from electric air, land or sea; domestic to defense. In a time of racial tension, we North Texans found a way to come together for one common goal. We are like unto the little kid who suggested to well-educated engineers to let the air out of the tires to get a semi-truck connected to a trailer from being stuck under a bridge. In this holiday season of good tidings and seasonal cheer we ask that you consider our story for your viewers.

This year, GM is battling with Tesla on price per unit and the need for greater travel distances of their electric vehicle fleet. Since 2009, we have worked on a technology that would double (plus) electric travel distances. This is the time for thanksgiving and we are standing in the doorway of great possibilities. We welcome the opportunity to further this discussion with you or one of your colleagues. Our story gets better as your curiosity grows and we invite you to see how the future has arrived ahead of its time.

“I almost forgot to mention, I am Black, my Best Friend is White and I’m glad he’s still here after falling out of a tree.”

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