New Austrian Product “Magic Corner” Will Vastly Improve the Appearance of Any Room

It is an undeniable fact of life that dirt will accumulate in a corner.  If it is a bathroom, a corner can become an unsightly repository for black scum, dust and smelly skin flakes.  Luckily a new product from Austria called Ecken Diener or “Magic Corner” can rid your home or business of such unsanitary and ugly accumulations. Magic Corner is ideal for hospitals, retirement homes, restaurants or virtually any type of residence or commercial facility.

The Magic Corner is very easy to use. This stainless steel innovation is a rounded triangle that fits snugly and securely into any corner. It can also be quickly removed with a toothpick or to make it even more secure, you can use a common silicone sealant.  Magic Corner produces an easy-to-clean, rounded surface that will not only enhance your home’s cleanliness but also make it more visually appealing.

Magic Corner is a simple yet revolutionary product that will soon be a fixture in elegant homes around the world. Inventor Andreas Diener is inviting the public to join him in bringing this ingenious product to market by supporting his Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.  The campaign is expected to raise $350,000 which will be used for video website development, packaging, marketing and mass production. To learn more about Magic Corner, please visit

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Media Contact
Company Name: Magic Corner (Ecken Diener )
Contact Person: Andreas Diener
Country: Austria