Chongli Fulong Four Seasons Town took millions of people to witness the champion of “King of the mountain” event

On 24 Sep., Beijing Final Election Night of “King of the mountain” International Street Challenge Match sponsored by Chongli Fulong Four Seasons Town smoothly ended in the landmark business district of Beijing, “SOLANA”. The cutting-edge slider from Canada, ALEX GOGO won the championship.


At the final election match, more than 50 media at home and abroad reported the final election match. The official live broadcasting platforms, LeTV Sports Broadcasting and Panda TV Broadcasting, linked 17 broadcasting platforms. Under the support from over 10 sponsors including Corona and Red Bull, 5 million fans around the world spent the weekend with thousands of audiences at the site in a high mood.

As the top skiing competition IP in China, “King of the mountain” initiated the first city street skiing challenge match held in four seasons. In a series of competitions in summer, more than 30 thousand arrived at the site to watch the match in total. On numerous broadcasting platforms led by LeTV Sports and Panda TV, the online click rate has exceeded 10 million. More than 1,000 media around the world reported this event, covering about 150 million people.

Distinctive sliders at home and abroad gathered together in Beijing to fight for “King of the mountain”

The lineup of this match is luxury, including SEAN MURPHY from America, ALEX GOGO, AXEL THEORET and LP DORVAL who are cutting-edge sliders from Quebec of Canada, DUNCAN MAINLAND and JESSE MILLEN who are great instructors from the top international snowboard teaching brand SA of Canada, NIC HERINGA who is the founder of Canadian brand Salmon arm and master slider, and the young cutting-edge slider from Japan TOSHIHIKO KOCHIYAMA.

The organizing committee also elected two cutting-edge sliders in China: Little Crazy from Shenyang and Qian Yi at 16 years old from Beijing took part in the match on behalf of China.

This match also invited Wang Baoheng who is the coach of national snowboard team and coach of snowboard team from Shenyang Institute of Physical Education, and DAVID BIRNIE who is Global Marketing Director of Fix Binding and Global Marketing Director of 32 Snow Boot as judges.


Finally, after voting by 400 audiences that have made an application, ALXE GOGO took the crown smoothly. General Manager of FULONG SKI PARK, Mr. Zhang Litao personally put on the crown of “King of the mountain” for him.

FULONG SKI PARK joined hands with Chongli of “King of the mountain”, becoming popular in Beijing immediately

Chongli Fulong Four Seasons Town is subordinate to Fulong Holding Group. FULONG SKI PARK is the important plate in the holiday resort of Chongli Fulong Four Seasons Town. It is located in the east of Chongli County, surrounded by mountains in the southeast. A natural barrier is formed.

Due to the unique geographic position and mountain orientation, high fall, and low altitude, FULONG SKI PARK is endowed with an advantaged warm and windless skiing environment. Its horizon extends to the city. It is the first large-scale recreational skiing resort characterized by families and children in cities of China. Moreover, it is the first skiing resort that has evening performance and realizes seamless joint between residence and ski run in Chongli.

In 2016, “King of the mountain” crossed 7 cities, and created the only ice-snow event IP stretching across four seasons in China. In this summer, “King of the mountain” held ice-snow matches in Nanchang, Guangzhou, Hefei, Ningbo and Beijing, showing ice carnival under the surface temperature of 45 degrees in most southern cities.

“King of the mountain” of winter will reach another climax and step toward international output event IP

The responsible person of “King of the mountain” revealed that they would make full preparations for the winter competition soon, and the “King of the mountain” of snow season would appear in many top snow packs of China. Meanwhile, at the invitation of snow packs in Canada and Japan, “King of the mountain” will export this event IP to the world, and it will become a cultural name card of China’s ice and snow.

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