The Most Effective, Non-Disruptive Desk Exerciser For The Workplace Launched On Kickstarter

Officiser, an innovative desk exerciser has been gaining traction on Kickstarter. The inventor and the CEO of CTL, the company behind Officiser, Julee Kim describe the gadget as “the most effective, fun and affordable sedentary lifestyle solution for anyone who sit too much”.

Base on their campaign description, Officiser is created to address the prevailing problem of insufficient physical activity as a result of prolonged sitting, which has many negative effects on a person’s body and mind. And lack of physical activity is the fourth leading cause of death worldwide.

Officiser incorporated the health and productivity benefits of an under-desk exerciser and an ergonomic footrest. It is a non-disruptive health gadget that can be used all day while the user works at a desk, which fundamentally eliminates the potential physical inactivity from sitting. And this distinction from normal exercise equipments are made possible by intricate engineering and tech innovations like zero-gravity glides and assistive ankle-rolling.

Tests have shown that Officiser significantly increases its users’ physical activity while they sit at a computer. Physical activity reduces body fat and blood pressure, increases muscle strength and endurance and improves flexibility and posture. The calorie burn from Officising during a typical eight hour work day is similar to walking 15-25 miles. And the large range, dynamic leg movements can stimulate, stretch and strengthen diverse muscles groups on user’s core and lower body, release the tension on hamstrings and back, prevent cramps/numbness and reduce leg swelling.

In addition, physical activity also helps keep the mind sharp and energized. It has been scientifically proven that physical activity can increase focus and memory, improve creativity and decision making, reduce stress and anxiety, and prevent cognitive decline.

The compact, sleek and stylish device is designed in collaboration of CTL (Changing the Lifestyle) Ltd. and SAIDII, winner of iF and REDDOT Design awards, which can be paired with most desk/chair on the market, as well as fit perfectly into any office or home environment.  

From now till 9 October, 2016, you have the chance to be the first batch of people to receive the Officiser at 50% to 30% lower than the retailing price by backing Officiser on Kickstarter via

For more information, please visit Officiser official website at or follow their twitter at

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