HÖMDRY: The First Hand Dryer Built for Every Home Launches on Indiegogo

A Hand Dryer is something always seen in public restrooms, but rarely, if ever, in a home. HÖMDRY is the first Hand Dryer specifically built and designed for any home’s bathroom or kitchen.

Hand dryers were previously reserved for washrooms in public spaces, but HÖMDRY (pronounced Home Dry) looks to change this with a revolutionary product designed especially for the domestic dwelling.

Funding now on Indiegogo, HÖMDRY is suitable for the kitchen or bathroom and will effectively work to dry hands in an environmentally friendly way. HÖMDRY uses minimal energy to operate, works quickly to dry hands and eliminates the need for paper towels or traditional towels. This means less waste in terms of paper and water to wash linens.

While being more environmentally friendly than traditional ways to dry one’s hands and less expensive than the current dryers on the market, HÖMDRY plans to improve personal hygiene one home at a time.

The people at HÖMDRY have created a more practical way to dry a person’s hands that aids the environment as well as removes harmful bacteria and germs from one of the most infested areas in a home – where a person dries their hands. 

If a person is prone to using a reusable towel, then then they should be aware of the fact that these towels accumulate bacteria each and every time they’re use them. Unless a person’s constantly washing the towel after every use, it has already become a hotbed for bacteria after the first few times it’s been used it.

Some may consider using paper towels instead. But the cost of that alone quickly rises. HÖMDRY notes that on average a person will spend $3.34 for every 100 times they dry their hands with paper towel; while the HÖMDRY hand dryer costs several times less than that at $0.07 for every 100 hand dries.  Or 97% cheaper to operate on a yearly basis than it is to purchase wasteful paper towels to dry one’s hands.

HÖMDRY has defined how it separates itself from the competition by meeting Built Home Conscious™ criteria. Built Home Conscious™ means, “a product is specifically designed and engineered for home and personal use.”

There are six areas that fall under the Built Home Conscious™ concept, which are:

1. Space Conscious

2. Learning Curve

3. Easy Installation

4. Life Cycle 

5. Maintenance

6. Accessibility

These six aspects are embodied throughout the framework of the HÖMDRY product. The home appliance is small enough to fit in various parts of homes of varying sizes without taking up valuable real estate. The simple construction and design of the HÖMDRY hand dryer makes it easy to both install and use for the first time.

Every use of the HÖMDRY hand dryer occurs in 16 second sessions. It blows hot HEPA filtered air throughout the entire length of the session and shines a Blue UV Light during the last 8 seconds of every session. The Blue UV Light is significant in that it kills bacteria that even soap can miss.


HÖMDRY was created by a diverse group of individuals who were determined to create a new, affordable alternative to reusable towels, paper towels or worse yet nothing at all. Through their combined efforts, they’ve proudly created a small hand dryer that is effective while being low on cost. Learn more about HÖMDRY by visiting the Official Indiegogo Page.
For more information contact the following email address: Press@Homdry.com or visit the HÖMDRY website.

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