For the 2016 Tax Season, “Just Say No” to Overpriced Tax Forms

BOCA RATON, FL – 9/28/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Why Pay Nearly $60 for Regular Tax Forms Through QuickBooks or Sage—When You Can Get a Superior Product for Less Than $20 (and 10% off your first order) from Laser Substrates, Inc?

Consider this:

  • A 10-pack from Intuit (QuickBooks) Marketplace or Sage Forms costs $58.99.
  • A 10-pack of LaserSubstrates’ tax form self mailers costs $19.95.

As a tax preparer, you’re all too familiar with that big “ORDER FORMS” button within your accounting software. But did you know it’s not your only option for tax forms?

LaserSubstrates’ tax form self mailers not only cost a fraction of the price of Intuit Marketplace or Sage forms; they offer a host of other valuable benefits as well:

  • You can print federal and state tax forms seamlessly on a non-impact printer from any Windows-based accounting or tax preparer’s software. Thanks to the self-mailer format, these can go directly from the printer to the mailbox. No envelope or folding/sealing equipment is required.
  • Since our forms are blank, they don’t become obsolete from tax year to tax year like some other forms. Instead, our forms work with our user-friendly, downloadable TransForm software, which is updated annually to reflect the current year’s data. We supply the full version of our software to you FREE. It’s seamlessly compatible with all accounting software.
  • The W2 and 1099 forms feature a special 2D barcode that eliminates rekeying of data. If you’re preparing quarterly or annual taxes, simply scan the barcode with a hand scanner or cell phone and it automatically populates in your software (saving you hours of time!). 
  • Our tax form self mailers eliminate confidentiality breaches by having all copies self-contained within a single form. This is in stark contrast to competitor forms that print out with two taxpayers per page—then must be separated, collated, and placed in the correct window envelope.
  • Our software automatically generates Form 8879 for the Tax Preparers. Choose a one-way self-mailer that carries Form 8879 to the taxpayer, or a two-way self-mailer that also provides an addressed return envelope. This allows the taxpayer to promptly return the executed document to your office.

Tax season is chaotic enough. This year, simplify the reporting process, save money, and make your life easier with this smarter, more efficient approach to tax forms.

All major tax forms are available, including W2, W3, 1099, 1096, 8879, and 1040 ES/V. To download the TransForm software and order our tax form self mailers, please visit or  and Receive 10% off your first order!

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