Calgary Author Neil Enock and Hollywood Director James Cameron are Both Searching for Atlantis – In Very Different Ways

CALGARY, AB – 9/28/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — When the Banff International Media Festival kicked off this year with the announcement that James Cameron had been tapped as Executive Director for the National Geographic series ‘Finding Atlantis’, nobody was happier than Neil Enock.

“The news that one of my favorite directors would be spearheading a worldwide, multi-location search for something that I’ve been researching for the past three years was pretty awesome. With Cameron’s passion for diving and exploration, they certainly could not ask for a better team leader. When I saw how well their locations list matched the places I’ve been researching, I was amazed!”

Neil started searching for Atlantis in 2012, after a story popped into his head while on holiday in Los Cabos. ‘The Millennia Series’ will be an epic three book series: Minoan, Mayan & Alantean. The first book is launching in the next weeks with the release of the pivotal book in the series, ‘MAYAN – Atlantis Returns’.

The book tells the story of why the Maya people were sure the world would end in 2012, and what they, with a little help from the Minoan people, did to avoid it. Most importantly it tells us when they are coming back – about 10 years from now! 

The journey since 2012 has been a twisty one. Research led Neil back to Mexico a year later, where a chance bit of camcorder footage taken at the ruins of Tulum energized the search again. Since then, countless hours of research have led back through early Mesoamerica, to before the Maya existed as a culture, then back even further and across the Atlantic to when the Minoan civilization was in it’s heyday, around 3000 BCE.

“There is substantive evidence that the Minoan culture that was based in the Mediterranean on the islands of Crete and Thera (now called Santorini) was a seafaring nation. It is quite likely that they had contact with the early Mesoamerican people that would later become the Maya.  Finding this out, then postulating how these two peoples could conceivably have been together at the height of their civilizations was the real challenge.”

Challenge Accepted. In the book, an unlikely alliance of Calgarian, British and US-based archeologists become the focus of the entire planet when they are caught up in the destructive reappearance of Atlantis off the Yucatan Peninsula. Neil has woven together numerous facets of both Mayan and Minoan civilization, a timeline that is both logical and archeologically defensible, a smattering of what may or may not be advanced technology and of course, Atlantis.  When they arrive, the people on Atlantis expect the world to have been obliterated and are seeking only to rebuild their society. Imagine their surprise when they find the current tenants still here! 

“I’m totally into finding Atlantis. I’m already posting any news I can find on the blog and will follow James Cameron’s travels as best I can. In the course of doing my research I’ve even found what may be a major error in one of the world’s perceptions of the people who may be from Atlantis, those whom we call Minoan. I’m waiting for verification from a particular museum before I go public with that.”

Sound interesting? MAYAN – Atlantis Returns, debuts at the Owls Nest Book store on Oct. 5th at 7:00 pm, accompanied by models wearing period Mayan and Minoan costumes provided by Olga Sem and the Vizard Show team. Neil Enock will be on hand to autograph his new book after with a short reading and some intriguing stories of the journey in realizing the book. eBook preorder sales have already begun on Amazon and Kobo.

Because of the interest that has already been shown in the book and the subject matter, a second launch event has also been scheduled for October 14th at the Signal Hill Indigo Store.  7-9 PM.  eBook sales commence on October 6 on Amazon and Kobo.

Pre-release media review copies of MAYAN – Atlantis Returns are available by request and will be delivered on Sept 28th. The media is also invited to attend what promises to be one of the most unique book launches that Calgary has ever seen, on October 5.

Neil Enock is an author, actor, screenwriter, filmmaker and creator/host of the million+ viewed TrainTalk.TV iTunes podcast. Neil tells original stories in everything he does. When not writing, Neil can be most often found on one side of the camera or the other, filming something around Calgary with some or all of his family in tow.

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