Successful VC Firm Hosts World’s First Angel Investor Video Training Series

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 9/28/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Tricent Capital announced today they will be hosting first-of-it’s-kind, online Angel Investor Training Series, which will be hosted by Alex Eppler, former Miss Oklahoma.  Tricent’s latest approach is a revolutionary new approach in the space, and will be sending shockwaves throughout the VC community. Tricent has already attracted the attention of other venture capital firms and potential investors from across the country.

“One of the most common questions we hear from angel investors is how people who want to invest in startups can find, and evaluate companies that can exit. Our team has assembled the information, context, tools, and insight every angel investor needs to succeed in a 21st-century market, and prepared that content with exceptional detail based on what investors have told us they need to know to be successful. Our free course is truly designed to bring value to both new and veteran angel investors, everyone has something in here they can learn” said Brian Botch, a founding partner.

The Series can be located online at  Tricent Capital wants to share hard lessons learned from their investments and provide free advice for angel investors on how to select the right investments and get high returns. “Over the last ten years, the venture capital landscape has changed dramatically. Venture Funds have traditionally relied on 10% of their portfolio to bring in 90% of the returns, they also count on exits of $250 Million or more in that 10%.  The reality is most exits right now are happening under 100 Million dollars. Our free video course is designed to be practical, and detail oriented to give current and aspiring investors the tools they need to invest in the world’s most promising startups,” added Adam Root, another founding partner.

Tricent Capital’s data driven approach generates frequent, consistent and rapid returns while providing life changing economic events for founders. Investors and aspiring investors wanting more information about this groundbreaking new training are encouraged to contact Tricent directly through their website.

Who: Tricent Capital

What: Angel Investor Training Series hosted by Alex Eppler, Miss Oklahoma 2014

Where: Online, located at this website:

Cost: FREE

Why: Tricent Capital wants to share hard lessons learned from their investments and provide free advice for angel investors on how to select the right investments, and get high returns.


Why Tricent Capital knows their ground-breaking new process works.

Tricent Capital recently had their first exit that generated a nearly 3x return in less than 12 months.


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Angel investing is lucrative but risky.  Most people who dabble in Angel investing do so without a good understanding of what they are getting into.  They don’t generally understand how illiquid their investment is, the time to return value on the investment or what to do to manage it. Most importantly they don’t understand how to find and evaluate the right investment or how to best manage it.  This first-of-its-kind video series answers all this and more demystifying the process and providing people a system that they can follow to generate consistent returns, and at no cost to the user for viewing our online training course.

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