What Brad Pitt Has To Look Forward To In The Coming Days And Weeks – Expert Dean Tong

Make no mistake, Brad Pitt is under an L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services (DCFS) Child Protective Services investigation and the Hollywood Star’s life is about to become more surreal than any of the blockbuster characters he’s portrayed over the past 25 years of his acting career. A DCFS investigation can take on a life of its own and one the famous actor is ill prepared for.

According to Forensic Trial Expert and Author, Dean Tong, who testified in San Bernardino, California Superior (Family) Court as an Expert in July 2013, Pitt, nor his high profile attorneys, are in control of this situation. To the contrary, California Child Protective Services is calling the shots now. And even though Angelina Jolie has filed for dissolution of their 2 year marriage around the time of the child abuse complaint lodged against Pitt; and even though DCFS could screen out said allegation and refuse to conduct an investigation by abdicating to the Superior Court to make findings of fact and conclusions of law over child abuse allegations, divorce, custody and visitation rights, the fact remains that DCFS can and often does act in loco parentis in these cases…The State is/as The Parent.

Dean Tong, has lived in Pitt’s shoes as a “victim,” but went through the school of hard knocks to become one of the leading authorities in the country on false accusations of child abuse. Tong’s web site, http://www.abuse-excuse.com which is closing in on 1 Million Hits to its Home Page, claims the accused in these cases is guilty until he proves his innocence, and that in and of itself is a mountain to climb regardless of who you are when Uncle Sam is involved.

Tong says the mantra of the child protection system is “kids do not lie and are not mistaken when it comes to claims of abuse,” and that Mr. Pitt has an uphill battle to fight in court. “I fully expect California DCFS to take Maddox and all of the other 5 kids to the Child Advocacy Center (CAC) for what are called CAST forensic interviews on DVD. In any case of child victim hearsay like Pitt’s, the most critical piece of data is what the alleged child victim discloses to (or not) the CAST forensic interviewer,” Tong stated. It is critical the interviewer NOT ask leading or suggestive questions of the child interviewee, and not use positive reinforcement or any other tool to invite taint or contamination.

“DCFS has 30 – 60 days to complete their child protective investigation in the Pitt matter and so we may not hear anything more on this case until mid-October or later,” Tong said. “Clearly, since Mrs. Jolie said she desires full custody of the kids which would leave Pitt a Disneyland Dad, should DCFS find their investigation to be Indicated or Substantiated and place Brad’s name on the Child Abuse Central Index (CACI). Laura Wasser (Jolie’s Attorney) will use that finding as a tool and wedge for purposes of garnering equity-at-law back in the Superior Court.” “Clearly,” Tong said, “the commission of child abuse or not by Pitt must first be litigated in court before child custody and visitation rights are established long-term.”

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CREDENTIALS: Dean Tong, MSc. Child Forensic Studies, is a Forensic Trial Consultant and has been retained by parents and attorneys in contentious child abuse and custody cases from all 50 states and Canada. The author of Elusive Innocence: Survival Guide for the Falsely Accused, Tong is a recognized expert in cognitive child developmental psychology in every county in Florida (www.justiceadmin.org). He has appeared on over 2000 radio broadcasts and Dr. Phil, CBS 48 Hours, ABC Primetime Thursday, CNN, Court-TV, MSNBC, Nancy Grace, FOX News Channel and Dateline. Tong has been retained as a consultant or expert witness in high-conflict child custody cases including child sex abuse-related matters from all 50 states. He’s also recognized by Wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dean_Tong.

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