Shenzhen Herifi is a specialized manufacturer of LED grow and aquarium lights

Shenzhen Herifi Technology Co Ltd manufactures cost-effective LED aquarium and grow lights. All these products come with decent warranty period.

The use of LED light is becoming extremely popular nowadays. Electric bulbs based on this technology not only deliver bright light but also reduce the monthly electricity bills of the average household to a significant extent. There are many agencies that are offering different types of LED bulbs at affordable prices. Shenzhen Herifi Technology Co Ltd is one such company that is specialized in manufacturing LED Grow and Aquarium lights of different series. The company has its own factory with 200 staffs to increase the production pace for meeting the growing requirements of the customers. Its research and development team has vast experience in the appearance design, electronic structure, heat dissipation simulation analysis, light control system etc.

Shenzhen Herifi is a specialized manufacturer of LED grow and aquarium lights

For ensuring proper growth of the indoor plant, the company offers full spectrum LED grow lights of different configurations. These lights are ideal for all phases of plant growth and flowering, works well with water solution culture, soil culture and hydroponics systems. These LED lights can be used in home garden, farm, flower growth, bonsai and in other places as well. The equipments and materials to produce these lighting stuffs have been imported from United States, Korea, Japan and Taiwan. Customers can visit to the website of this company to choose from the wide range of products to buy the suitable lighting products for their house and garden plants.

The company is also offering other types of indoor LED grow light that come with double roller and low noise with special cover design in four corners. These lights are extremely environment friendly with no mercury and other harmful heavy metals. These lighting bulbs comprise of aluminium shell, pure aluminum frame and sink to keep the temperature of the LED light at a lowest possible extent. The company mainly accepts payment through Western Union and Paypal and other secured means of online transactions. Customers have the chance to obtain product samples for initial testing before placing the actual order.

For obtaining crystal clear view of the marine life in artificial aquariums, the firm is offering unique series of Aquarium light running on LED technology. These lighting series are perfect for enjoying sharp view of the aquatic diversity and play a vital role in the photosynthesis and growth of the coral aquatic plants as well as of the other aquatic organisms. These lighting instruments are water-proof in nature and are available in various shapes and sizes to increase the purchasing options of customers.

About Shenzhen Herifi Technology Ltd

Shenzhen Herifi Technology Ltd was established in the year of 2012 and is a leading manufacturer of LED Grow and Aquarium lights. All its products are cost effective and quality certified. To know more, visitors can log on to the website of this company.

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