Pre-teens Need Self-Esteem Boosts

The pre-teen years are an important time for adolescents. It is the age when they are trying to figure things out socially, test their boundaries of independence and start going through puberty changes. No time could be any more crucial for the importance of self worth and self esteem. This is when they are coming into themselves and when they need to know how special they are and valued. More importantly, pre-teens should be able to internalize that. With the advent of social media, edited selfies, and virtual bullying the landscape for pre-teens to navigate seems difficult.

One author hopes to have a small impact on the terrain. It seems that one of the most important thing we can do as parents is to be there and spend time with our children. Wanda M. Toby writing as Julian T. Nichols has created a means of doing just that through  “Joy: A Treasure Protector Story.” This Treasure Protector Series is geared towards helping preteens boost their self-esteem. It is perfect not only for kids 8-12 years of age but also for teenagers as well. The ebook can also be read along with parents for a great bonding moment. Readers say that the best thing about the book is its moral lessons and unique story. They also add that potential readers will enjoy reading its nine series which depict the exciting activities of the Anna.

The Treasure Protector Series is a group of stories created to foster a positive self-image in pre-teens and teens. With this eBook, readers will know the significance of true wealth. This series revolves around the adventures of Anna as she learns her true destiny through her dreams. In these dreams, Anna learns the value of the gifts that she has within herself and what makes every person really special. Every year, she navigates through the ordinary issues that a growing adolescent has to encounter from peer pressure to bullying to fitting in.

Readers of this eBook will definitely love the adventures of Anna. Upon reading this, they will feel as if they are the main character. Nichols pulls together typical and important experience such as a birthday to show growth and adventure. Joy is a quick read that can be shared with a pre-teen who is already tapped into the internet now age. Get it where all ebooks are sold. Now available for free at Amazon.


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