Strategic Contract between Foton Motor Group and the Twelfth Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corp

On September 22, Foton Motor Group and the Twelfth Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corp reached a strategic cooperation intention and held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Urumqi, Xinjiang. On the spot of the signing ceremony, Foton Motor Group revealed that both parties were going to jointly invest to set up a joint venture company for further cooperation in automotive financial field and brand new development mode suitable for northwest regions under the development turning point of “One Belt, One Road” in order to jointly promote the development of local commercial vehicle market.

The development of regional economic construction in the West and the open of economic path of Central Asia are the important content of “One Belt, One Road” strategy in the Great West Development strategy in China as well as the significant development market of Foton Motor Group, the top brand of commercial vehicle in China. At the China-Eurasia Expo and Oasis Industrial Expo which were held at the same time with the signing ceremony, Foton Group participated in the expo with all its series of commercial vehicles. Foton Group will contribute to the construction of “One Belt, One Road” in the West with its “Green Technology”

The 5th China-Eurasia Expo& the 3rd Oasis Industrial Expo of Xinjiang Corp Signing Ceremony

       Reaching an instant agreement——both parties jointly promote the construction of “One Belt, One Road”

In 2013, the General Secretary, Xi Jinping, proposed the strategic concept of “One Belt, One Road”. In the April of last year, it is declared in the Promotion of Joint Construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Prospect and Measures of Maritime Silk Road in the 21st Century that “One Belt, One Road” was put into comprehensive promotion. It is also clearly declared in the document that Xinjiang is the core area of Silk Road Economic Belt and the unique location advantage and the important window for the opening up to the West of Xinjiang will deepen the communication and cooperation with countries in Central Asia, Southern Asia and Western Asia to make Xinjiang the important transportation hub on the Silk Road Economic Belt as well as the center of business logistics and cultural science and education.

           As the important node on the ancient Silk Road Economic Belt, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corp occupy the leading position in joint construction of  “One Belt, One Road” strategy, accelerate the pace of “going out”, and cooperate with Xinjiang government on construction of the Silk Road. The four main industries, agriculture, tourism, logistics and construction business, become the key fields in promoting “One Belt, One Road” by Xinjiang Production and Construction Corp who integrate resources to make each field full of competitiveness through informatization and electronization.

    As for commercial vehicle enterprises, the implementation of national strategies like “One Belt, One Road” provides vehicle enterprises with rare development opportunities to realize “going out”. Foton Group actively responses to the development of “One Belt, One Road” and changes in requirements in multiple aspects, integrates green and environmental-friendly manufacturing technology into production and promotes the sustainable development of the society.

           From the perspective of products and technology, depending on energy saving, new energy, vehicle networking and intelligence vehicle core technology, Foton Group creates a product platform for intelligence commercial vehicles faced with future. In the four fields that are promoted by Xinjiang Production and Construction Corp, commercial vehicles are required for support and development. Products of Foton Group involve each major product platform of commercial vehicle fields, from commercial vehicles, passenger cars, trucks to construction machinery products, effectively contributing to the development and construction of the Oasis.

    At this time, Foton Group and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corp signed a strategic cooperation contract. Foton Group will positively allocate the Xinjiang emerging market with the instruction thought of “One Belt, One Road” and integrate advantages of regional resources to contribute to the Great Development of the West and development of transportation of the West with outstanding product quality and leading technology level in the industry.


Strategic Contract between Foton Motor Group and the Twelfth Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corp

Green Technology——Foton Group contributes to “One Belt, One Road”

There is no doubt that high efficiency, energy-saving, environmental-friendly, intelligence are the essential “labels” of future commercial vehicles. In January, 2016, Foton Group firstly proposed the concept of “Super Truck”; during the Beijing vehicle exhibition in April, the whole series of 1the first generation of Super Truck of Foton Group was released in Beijing. Through the “Super Truck” project, Foton Group aims at changing fixed opinion of the industry and the mass on commercial vehicles. What Foton Group wants to do is to “redefine the truck” and combine the commercial vehicles with energy saving and emission reduction technology, new energy and intelligence to create an intelligent logistics mode with better attraction and competitiveness. Now, the Foton Super Truck project has developed from the initial heavy-duty truck platform to platforms of Aumark and Ollin, realizing the comprehensive covering of truck platforms, including Super Heavy-duty Truck Auman EST, brand new platform of super medium-duty truck Aumark, super light-duty truck and Ollin CTS. In addition, the core technology of Foton “Super Truck” has already integrated into TOANO and AUV passenger vehicle products.



Foton Motor Group Participated in the 5th China-Eurasia Expo


The strategic cooperation with Xinjiang Production and Construction Corp indicates that Foton Group will lead the technological innovation and set up a new example of Chinese vehicle industry with its Super Truck and super passenger vehicle of new energy and contribute to the development of northwest regions and construction of “One Belt, One Road” with advanced functions and high quality.

Foton Motor Group Participated in the 3rd Xinjiang· Corp Oasis Industry Expo

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