Skinny Yoked Relaunches New & Improved Website

USA— Skinny Yoked, a natural bodybuilding fitness website for ectomorphs that is devoted to everything bodybuilding and healthy living, has just relaunched. Their new website now offers updated posts as well as new and improved exercise tips. Putting an emphasis on creating a forum of discussion, reviews, and tips, Skinny Yoked promotes dedicated weight-lift training and hard-working attitudes for those interested in bodybuilding or working to build mass and bulk.

The site was founded and is currently run by weight-lifter Erik Bowitz, whose hobby of going to the gym grew into a passion for building and fostering a community of passionate, committed individuals with similar goals in healthy living. Bowitz’s vision of the Skinny Yoked community is one embracing such goals in such a way that is positive and conducive. The site encourages the sharing of weightlifting knowledge in the community as well as discussion of pursuits that foster the development of both a healthy body and mind.

Recent additions to Skinny Yoked include updated posts about everything from nutrition supplement reviews, beginner guides for body-builders, to suggestions about where to find the best active wear for both gym and casual use.

Skinny Yoked embraces the use of humor in its language style and content to relay an authenticity in the motivations and goals of what Erik Bowitz and other contributing guest writers mean to convey with the site: to create a genuine, encouraging community of like-minded individuals. The site offers solidarity to anyone looking to train hard, regardless of body size. There are posts on the website geared towards target audiences of both beginners with little muscle and those well on their way in their fitness journeys. The site does not discriminate towards anyone willing and desiring a place to connect with others pursuing healthy living habits. The only exclusions towards being part of the community include those providing unhealthy criticism of others, an inappropriate attitude, or those not willing to put in the effort Bowitz claims is essential to reaching the kind of fitness goals Skinny Yoked stands to support.

Erik Bowitz himself speaks with pride about Skinny Yoked, remarking, “This thirst for knowledge and passion for sharing ideas is the engine behind Skinny Yoked.”

Those interested in fitness, bodybuilding, and healthy living are encouraged to visit the new site so they may find a positive community who will help and stand alongside them in their fitness journey. Visit to see their new and improved site relaunch.

Contact: Erik Bowitz

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