T Cycling Set to Raise £10,000 GB Pounds through Crowdfunding KickStarter Platform

London, Sep 28, 2016 — Cycling can be a lot of fun, especially for newcomers in the gym and people easily get into it since it is a low impact cardio work out. Back in the day, people would get on their bike and begin riding without any cycling gear at all. As time has passed, cycling gear has become more common among those who participate in the activity; they will need it to keep them safe and comfortable during the ride. While there are some brands that ocus just on cycling gear for both professionals and beginners, it is almost becoming impossible for many cyclists to sind an affordable, quality fitting. comfortable, and well protected apparel, which will suit different racing purposes.

With a burning desire to dispel these disconcerting concerns, and to allow cyclists explore their cycling world in a fascinating and comfortable way, T Cycling, a London-based company meticulously did research to create beautiful performance cycling apparel with the best material combinations at a cost that does not break the bank. To make the project a reality and to allow everyone enjoy its amazing benefits, T Cycling launched a crowd funding campaign on the kickStarter platform (https://goo.gl/IZRFQ3). Although T Cycling has managed to get fully funded in only 40 hours, they are looking to get to a stretch goal of £10,000 GB Pounds.

We make sure that each piece of the set of clothes we manufacture function very well alone and with the other pieces of apparel, which we also produce for the public to use and enjoy, Michael Tempest, founder/CEO of T Cycling. Before we came up with our performance cycling apparel garments, we concentrated on each piece of the apparel, regarding its design and its engineering aspect.”

Micheal provides an explanation of the fantastic features of the performance cycling apparel, and its amazing benefit:
“Designed in London and tested in tough sportive conditions, we have spent painstakingly long hours perfecting the designs og our launch lineup. Not only that, but we have been extensively testing our samples with some pretty tough sportive including London to Paris in 24 hours (280 miles in the saddle), London Revolution and the London Triathlon. We also have people testing our Tri Suits at upcoming Iron Man events so we can thoroughly ensure quality and fit it just right for you.”

“We have been working tirelessly with our manufacturers to make sure that the best material combinations are being used to create the best compromise between comfort and fit. Our products range from Professional Racing Jerseys, Professional Racing Bib Shorts to Professional Tri Suits; all designed and available for Cyclists of all shapes and sizes,” Micheal stated.

T Cycling performance cycling apparel should be a great choice for individuals seeking to maximize the benefits they get from cycling activities.

For more information about T Cycling, their incredible project, and to pledge for some garments, visit https://goo.gl/IZRFQ3

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