Opioid Addiction Continues to Terrorize Georgia Communities

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How addiction affects everyone

Georgia lawmakers, as well as the President of the United States, are placing a lot of pressure upon healthcare providers, community centers and treatment facilities to help put an end to the rising number of Georgians who have developed an addiction to prescription drugs and other opioids. As opioid addiction continues to terrorize Georgia communities, treatment centers all across the nation work together to provide whatever relief they can.

According to the Center for Disease Control, Georgia has one of the largest populations of those who are addicted to prescription medications. Over the past two decades, the state has seen its overdose death rate quadruple. Georgia state Senator Josh McKoon says, “Opioid abuse and heroin abuse continue to be a problem, particularly on the heroin side. We’re seeing that on the rise in our state. I think we had something on the order of 8 million opioid prescriptions in the last year alone, when you think about the fact that there are only 10 million people in the state”.

America has become a culture of solving problems with pills. Instead of actually treating the issue, people tend to numb their symptoms with medication. Because prescription medications are handed out like candy on halloween, the ease of obtaining them for recreational use is significantly increased. In fact, there are over 7 million Americans who take prescription medications in a way that is not prescribed by their doctor or take medications that are not even prescribed to them. Because prescription medications are prescribed by medical professionals, most people believe they are safer than taking illicit drugs.

Regardless of the stimulant, there are always potential dangers; in fact, the prolonged use of any substance will lead to addiction, overdose and death. The chemicals in every substance causes the brain to stop its natural production of certain feelings; therefore, the body relies on the substance rather than the brain to feel good or a lack of pain. Additionally, overtime, the body will become used to the effects of the normal dosage and need more in order to feel any effects. A user will have to use more and a more frequent rate which significantly increase the chance of an overdose and possibly death. In order to avoid substance dependence, tolerance and overdose, it is extremely important to receive treatment at a rehab facility in Georgia.

Rehab facilities in Georgia offer the guidance and support for all addicts to learn how to take back control from the power of addiction. Treatment programs help addicts learn how to control their maladaptive behaviors and replace them with positive coping mechanisms. Patients will immerse themselves in therapies that are designed for patients to get in touch with their inner-psyches and pinpoint the triggers for their addictive behaviors. Every program is crafted to meet the individual and unique needs of each and every patient. By providing individualized options, rehab facilities in Georgia significantly increase the chances of a successful recovery.

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