Idaho Meth Addiction and Drug Treatment Alternatives

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Idaho has its share of meth addiction and drug-related problems.

There is an area called Treasure Valley that has become the focus of the state’s intent to rid itself of drug infestation. Treasure Valley stretches from Oregon to the Boise border. The drug problem is enhanced when one considers that fully one third of Idaho’s population lives in this region. As a result, this section of the country is a hotbed for drug abuse, drug-related crimes, and meth addiction. The obvious result is an increase in drug addiction treatment. For those suffering from addiction, there are a number of Idaho meth addiction and drug treatment alternatives.

Meth users have a tendency to switch to cocaine when the supply of meth dwindles. The reason being is that both drugs tend to stimulate the body and brain in much the same way. Because people look forward to the quick high that meth produces, it seems likely that Idaho’s meth problem will be around for some time to come.

Rural Residents and Meth Addiction

It remains a mystery why rural residents tend to abuse meth more than other areas. It could be because meth production produces toxic fumes what could easily be discovered in suburban areas. Or, citizens could simply be more prone to drug addiction as a result of being removed from general society. Whatever the reasons, the fact remains that a large number of rural young adults in central and western states suffer from meth addiction. Fifty-two percent of all Idaho prisoners are serving time due to meth-related circumstances at present. An interesting development is that Idaho has tried to fight meth addiction with a different solution—special prisons that will open and provide treatment for inmates with hope they will not return to drug abuse.

Detox Treatment

Meth addicts must first enter detox before rehab can begin. The assessment process helps determine what type of program, inpatient or outpatient, will work best for recovering addicts. Inpatient support includes around-the-clock medications as needed, followed up by counseling and therapies that help patients to understand their addiction and to identify and avoid those situations and circumstances that can lead to relapse. Detox can be intense for some, because of withdrawal symptoms. Meth just happens to be one of the most addictive drugs in the country. Withdrawal symptoms include paranoia, hallucinations, severe mood swings, vicious body aches, anxiety attacks, and psychosis to name a few.

Withdrawal symptoms can be deadly, and one of the reasons self-detox is never recommended. The best results occur when attempted in a controlled, clinical environment. Rehab consists of continued medications and therapies that will help move the individual toward a life that is free of drugs and substance abuse. After complete rehab, patients are encouraged to attend workshops, counseling, and to join groups like Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). There is no cost to join. New members only have to show a strong willingness to beat their addiction and to lead a life free from drug abuse. If you or a loved one has a meth addiction, get help immediately. Your life, or the life of a loved one, can literally depend on it.

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