Signal Solutions, LLC Creates Non-invasive Sleep Research System for Mice

LEXINGTON, KY – 9/29/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Strategically combining the capabilities of top engineers, sleep scientists, visionaries and computer science experts; Signal Solutions, LLC has successfully created a complete system for collecting and analyzing sleep/wake data in laboratory rodents. This innovative concept-to-reality product, called “PiezoSleep Mouse Behavior Tracking System” is an entirely non-invasive and technologically advanced means of studying sleep/wake states in mice.  Developing a non-invasive method was the primary motivation for co-founder and sleep scientist, Bruce O’Hara. “We honestly set out to finally get past the bottle-neck of EEG recordings that have limited our ability to use powerful genomic approaches in the sleep field, and limited our ability to screen and develop new drugs that influence sleep and in turn many other disease processes” stated Bruce O’Hara.

Kevin Donohue, a University Professor and Managing Partner of Signal Solutions, LLC states “When we began this project, we knew it would be a complex undertaking involving a great deal of technology and determination” […] “as we moved forward in developing the system, we all knew how profound of an impact a product such as ours could have on the research community worldwide.”

His sentiment is shared among his partners and associates. Mike Lhamon, lead engineer and partner at Signal Solutions added: “The initial idea obviously had potential; but there were some doubts along the way…we were all excited when those first few bytes of data were being collected by our system – proving our idea had actually become a reality.”

The PiezoSleep Mouse Behavior Tracking System overcomes several obstacles traditionally present with invasive and costly electroencephalogram (EEG) systems.

  • Lowered barrier of entry – The PiezoSleep Mouse Behavior Tracking System costs less to buy and maintain than EEG-based systems.
  • Automated scoring software allows non-technical and non-expert users to collect sleep/wake data in a laboratory setting.
  • Scalability: systems can be scaled to meet the needs of almost any project, without a linear rise in cost.

About Signal Solutions, LLC Signal Solutions, LLC is a private technology company creating both software and hardware applications to perform various digital signal processing tasks. While originally focused on sleep/wake technology, Signal Solutions, LLC is moving forward to develop digital signal processing solutions for a number of industries; including human medical and general health monitoring. 

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