A New Way for Credit Card Processing With Merchant Services & Lyoness

“A New Way for Credit Card Processing With 5% Cash Back Through Lyoness”
Get 5% Cash Back on your credit card processing with merchant services.



Get 5% cash back on your credit card processing fees.

The traditional credit card processing companies like Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Chase offer credit card processing with their advertised pricing. You receive your bill for the credit card processing fees, pay it and move on to the next month.

Now, you can benefit from your credit card processing and receive 5% cash back on your credit card processing.

Every month, you will receive 5% cash back for your credit card processing.

For example, say your volume is $100,000 and the credit card company takes out $3000 for their processing fees.

You get 5% cash back or $150 back from the fees you paid. You can save hundreds to thousands of dollars a year in this program.

This program has been so successful that 100’s of merchants signing up.

You no longer have to carry the full burdon of the credit card processing fees.

Lastly, you can save money on all your purchases within the lyoness network. It is like getting a double discount when you purchase goods and services, gift cards, gas and any other thing you can imagine.

You can sign up for free, just send us your email address and we will email you the free registration information.

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