The Importance of Mindset in Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight can be as individual to each person as their fingerprint, but is it really that complicated? We all have different desires and tastes which impact on our specific eating behaviours and habits. For instance, sugar may for one person be very easy to give up or at least reduce their intake, it may be almost impossible for another to tackle in the same manner, for instance in the case of diabetics or those with glucose ailments who will require an entirely different approach to dieting which takes such factors into consideration.

People can become disheartened when dieting alone doesn’t result in significant weight loss or when progress is slower than imagined. People looking to lose weight often overlook the importance of a positive mind-set; and research continues to demonstrate that one of the most important factors that influences weight loss is your attitude towards the process.

In the UK alone the dieting industry is worth over £2 billion, so is it any wonder that serial dieters continue to set themselves up for disappointment. The key to successful weigh loss starts with a strong mind-set; having the ability to match your goals in both the conscious and unconscious mind. Whilst your conscious mind may set the goal, it’s the task of the unconscious mind to ultimately bring it to fruition through behaviour. Weight loss can take time, and to achieve results you must gradually implement a series of small changes and modifications to your thinking, whilst programming your mind with positive intent and visualisation of the desired goals.

Working with an NLP Coach or learning more about NLP can help you effectively align both the conscious and unconscious mind. NLP works to condition healthier thinking, more productive habits and attitudes which lead to positive behaviours. This should ultimately be the first step of anyone aspiring to achieve their cherished weight loss goals.

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