Aero action’s Throton is reinventing schools sports and physical education games

The space-age football is the perfect replacement for football and Frisbee

Aero action a company that specializes in the design, manufacture and wholesale of Throton, a space-age football announces the release of the product. The throton looks like a jet engine with a grip strap to it. It flies easily through the air naturally going into a tight spiral when thrown. Also, The front cone acts as a shock absorber when you catch it, so it doesn’t injure your fingers. Throton is a blast to play catch with and is excellent for school sports, physical and educational games etc. The product is now selling on amazon, and shipping directly to consumers.

Throton is made of 50 durometers medical grade PVC, easy to throw and catch and available in different colors including, red, yellow, purple, green, orange and a limited edition in translucent fiery red. It is the perfect replacement for football and disc games like ultimate Frisbee and Can Jam. Speaking on the reemergence of the product in the market to attract more patronage, the CEO AeroAction Carl DiManno said, “I have been producing the throton for over ten years, and the products has a sort of a cult following that loves it”. I am very passionate about ensuring the product is delivered in high-quality, which is why I personally oversee all aspects of throton production from plastic selection to product packaging, to maintain product quality to the highest level.”

One of the longtime fans of the product Ned Graham said, “I have owned throton for more than 20 years now and it has always proven to be an excellent ball when it comes to physical play. I kept one of the boat so I can throw it around when the day is hot. Amazing design, really glad that you guys are back in business.”

The new throton is proudly 100% made in the USA, with a new type of plastic that is softer, and more attractive than any used before. Throton is already in use in many PE programs in schools across the United States of America. For more information visit

About Aeroaction

Aero action is a sporting good manufacturing company based in Norwell, Massachusetts. The company is responsible for the invention, design, manufacture and wholesale of the Throton ball. They plan to make the throton available for fans and new customers from all over the globe to be able to purchase and use the product. 

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