iPubi Is Helping Writers To Publish Their Work On Their Portal

SUFFOLK, UK (SEPTEMBER 29, 2016) – iPUBi is one of the leading online publishing platform where authors can upload their documents to get it published in the online portal within a minute. iPUBi offers extraordinary reading experiences of magazines, daily papers, and catalogs serving billions of page views and millions of clients per month. By publishing work on iPUBi, people can expose their work through superior quality interactive reading experience to their target readers and expand readership with people around the world browsing iPUBi. People can also utilize this online platform to make a private library of their personal favourites and follow various renowned publishers. iPUBi was built by 18 passionate people and at present there are over millions of publication online on iPUBi with thousands of publications being added every day. It also provides various tools to writers so that they can respond to the demands of their readership base quickly.

iPUBi provides a ‘snip n share’ tool that allows users to share their publications or any personal favourite article on any social media platform and make it a trending topic. It also has a set of analytical tools empowering users to study the commerce status of their publications and understand the loopholes carefully so that they can improve them. With another tool called heat map support rendering key design elements for the users’ publication enabling them to separate between sporadic advert, article or URL link position and confirm based mainstream content arrangement giving users a top to bottom investigation of their target audience. At iPUBi users can publish without any limit as it has unlimited storage allowing them to easily upload high resolution publications. There are more such tools for users at iPUBi thus making it one of most useful digital publishing platforms for writers around the world. Users can choose from four different plans with varied features offered by iPUBi to publish their works and make it accessible to millions of readers around the globe. These four plans are Plus, Premium, Basic, and Custom. The Plus plan is the most popular one costing $25 each month, billed annually allowing users to customize their reader and includes basic features along with advanced analytics tool, reports, and embed anywhere option. The Premium plan is priced at $30 per month, billed annually while the Basic plan is available free of cost with no requirement of credit card allowing users the basic upload and share and includes HTML5 Reader, unlimited publishing, ad-free reader, and the snip & share tool. For the Custom plan users have to get in touch with the concerned authorities at iPUBi.

Writers considering reaching out to millions of readers can publish their work on iPUBi by visiting their website and following the instructions, the link of which is http://www.ipubi.com/. Users can get started using the Basic plan to publish their work on the iPUBi platform or can also choose other plans according to their needs through this website. All detailed information on this digital publishing platform including all their publications for audience to read can be found on this website.

About iPUBi
iPUBi is a leading digital publishing online platform where writers can get their works published in a minute. It offers astounding reading experiences of magazines, daily papers, and catalogs to site visitors. Writers can publish without any limit at free of cost or use any other plans to publish their work and provide a superior quality interactive reading experience to their target readers.

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