Affections Can Simply Be Bought with an Airwheel Smart Gopro bike Helmet C5

Is there one product that can meet the needs of all family members? Now, Airwheel has invented a versatile smart helmet, which is capable of catering to the needs of each family member.

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If people wish the give their parents, boyfriend or girlfriend the most considerate product, then there will be nothing more appropriate than an Airwheel smart helmet, which can cater to everyone’s taste. The intelligent helmet, enabling practical and recreational functions, will meet all-rounded needs in a family.
intelligent helmet with camera
In each family, there must be riding enthusiasts. They either ride to school or to work. Airwheel smart helmet C5, inherits the protection function of traditional helmet, guards riders’ safety on the road. In fact, Airwheel C5 provides more than head protection. It has been inserted with a high-quality camera lens, which can record what happens on the road. In the congested urban environment, riders are the vulnerable side. But with the intelligent helmet, the recorded video can clarify facts and responsibility. In this respect, C5 helmet is a reliable pal in the daily commuting journey.
helmet camera
Young members in the family have a passion for outdoor sports. They often complain that their parents do not support their X-sport dreams. Giving him or her an Airwheel Bluetooth helmet C5 will definitely buy their affection. The integrated camera can record the most splendid moments during the journey, as well as capturing the details that eyes may not see. C5 also has a Bluetooth speaker, allowing music playing and phone answering functions on the road. When people listen to some music when doing outdoor sports, the stressed mood can be relieved and the journey will be more delightful. In case, some are engaged in thrilling sports and can’t carry the phones in hands, they can also answer calls by pressing the button on the gadget. The high quality Bluetooth speaker enable riders to enjoy music or answer calls meanwhile to hear the external sound. Thus, C5 users can cope with emergency anytime.

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Airwheel C5 smart bike helmets has broken the boundaries for helmets. They can do more than merely head protection. Integrating so many functions, the smart helmet still weighs only 425g and offers the most comfortable wearing experience. To please family members, just give them a C5.

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