JunkCreative Redefines Photography And Video Production

September, 2016 – Turkish leading photography and video editing company, Junk Creative, proudly announces its continuous improvement in creating videos, photos, commercials, corporate promotional films and music clips. Junk Creative is a leading photography and video company with hundreds of top clients, creating sales impacting commercial videos, corporate promotional films, and photographs for events.  Junk Creative has a team of talented and well-skilled staff and uses high standard equipment in creating the best customer experience and satisfaction.

Among others, Junk Creative has a unique difference, using the best industry equipment and a team of experienced, creative and talented staff. The company has helped several companies in creative commercial videos and corporate promotional videos that have been noted to boost sales and create a good brand image.

Videos and images bring life to a message, either as an image, movie or film, both have the incredible power to make an expressive statement when perfectly used. At Junk Creative, there is a great understanding of this and an unparalleled desire to make it happen.

At Junk Creative, we love what we do and offer high-quality services to our clients. We use a range of the industry top gadgets, latest software and well-detailed workflow. From conceptualizing, to editing and post production, we make sure we are original and creative.” Says Can Marangoz

He says further, “For any event photos, corporate photography, commercials, short films, we offer the very best. We also have a photography school where we share ideas, latest techniques and holistic tutorials to participants who want to learn the art of video and photography.”

As the name of the company implies, creativity is central to their mode of operation. When creativity meets the availability of top-notch equipment, software, and other photography and video accessories, the result is eye-catching visual and motion pictures that are mind-captivating. Over the years, Junk Creative has been able to achieve this balance, instilling motivation, creativity in bringing out the best pictures, top class filmmaking, consumer engaging advertisements, successful commercials and award-winning music videos.

Junk Creative prides itself on being different in its industry. Junk Creative uses latest gadgets, which include Go Pro camera, top specification Sony cameras and other sophisticated media accessories. Always ensuring a touch of creativity, the company is well known for premium photography and creative video editing. The company’s website, www.junkcreative.com has a gallery of previous works including pictures, videos, an online film school and rich blog.

For more information about Junk Creative, visit www.junkcreative.com

Media Contact
Company Name: Junk Creative
Contact Person: Can Marangoz
Email: marangozcan@gmail.com
Country: Turkey
Website: http://www.junkcreative.com/