David Euler Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Hindu on the Bindu, a New Storytelling Tradition

Just in time for Diwali, David Euler inspires young children to use their imagination through a doll, stories, the ability to publish books, and traditions from the past.

Stories connect our culture, history, families, and future.  The art of storytelling has long been a tradition in the Hindu world, where children are given the freedom to unlock their imaginations and dreams.  

As part of an activity project that is meant to spark conversations between children and their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other family members, the Hindu on the Bindu Doll, Storybook, and publishing brings joy to families.  Through the creation of stories that are to be shared, Hindu on the Bindu celebrates the immensely diverse and rich culture of the Hindu people.  This year-long project aims at bonding generations within the family as well as making cross-cultural connections.

On the website, parents will find suggested activities that let them choose the kind of involvement with the doll and the level of interaction with the family that best suits their needs and desires.  Children enjoy the interactive website where they can build stories that are then published to physical books for them to keep and share.  This gives children an incredible feeling of satisfaction that inspires the great power of sharing their dreams, visions, or simply a good story with everyone around them.

As cultures become more globally connected, often in a ways we never before envisioned, sharing our stories is an essential way to stay connected with our children.  Hindu on the Bindu gives our children a way to discover more about themselves and opens an opportunity to create and share.

At bedtime, parents can use the Hindu on the Bindu doll as a beginning to a story.  Children are then encouraged to dream their dreams, knowing that the Hindu on the Bindu is nearby, to guide them through their dreams.  In the morning, the children are excited to share their dreams and add to their stories over time, filling books to be published!

Production of the first edition of these dolls has already been completed, which allows shipping of the Hindu on the Bindu doll just in time for this year’s Diwali celebration.

Orders can be made through a Kickstarter campaign, online at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hinduonthebindu/hindu-on-the-bindu-a-new-doll-and-storybook-for-di, and includes pledge levels from $5 for a digital streaming story, The Story of the Hindu on the Bindu, to 1st and 2nd edition Hindu on the Bindu dolls, to a signed personal postcard and bound storybook, Stories from the Hindu on the Bindu.

About Hindu on the Bindu: 

Hindu on the Bindu is a storytelling outlet for children who dare to dream.

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