Premium coffee, Kahawa Specialty Kenya Coffee now available on Amazon Store

The premium Kenyan coffee made by Kahawa Group, Kahawa Specialty Kenya Coffee is now available for purchase on the amazon store. This will give coffee lovers all over the world the opportunity to purchase the best coffee in the world.

Grown in the fertile volcanic soils on the country’s Mount Kenya slopes, Kenya Coffee, always classified as Specialty Coffee is distinguished for its bold character. The brewed coffee is typically either medium-bodied or full-bodied with an intense flavor and bright juicy acidity. The hand grading and wet processing of Kenya coffee gives it a rich, winy quality and a clean complexity that is well balanced. Considered by aficionados to be quite sublime, Kenyan coffee has been designated at the “Connoisseurs Cup” for its optimal balance of tastes, body and acidity. Held in particularly high regard is the Kenya AA Arabica grade coffee.

Kahawa Specialty Kenya Coffee is a single source 100% Arabica Coffee and it’s a well-balanced coffee that combines flavors of toasted nuts and dried fruit with low wine notes. The Coffee is delicious and can be served hot or over ice. KAHAWA is a Direct Fair trade Coffee.

“I’m more into decaf coffee but I don’t mind a coffee that has a light flavor to it minus the bitterness. A friend recommended I try Specialty Kenya Coffee light roast. I tried Kahawa Coffee and I was instantly sold! On opening the bag, the room was filled with fresh pure coffee aroma which became even more pronounced when I started to brew the coffee. The flavor is like they say on the bag; smooth finish with chocolate and fruit flavors. No bitter taste in the mouth. I love this coffee a lot!” Anna Avdeeva, a satisfied buyer said.

Kahawa Specialty Kenya Coffee is highly rated and continues to astound expert tasters and customers alike with flavors not commonly ascribed to coffee. Bright with a juicy acidity, low wine notes, fruity flavors and a vibrant after taste, KAHAWA Coffee is simply irresistible!  Kahawa Specialty Kenya Coffee comes in 3 flavors: Dark, Medium and Light and can be purchased at:

About Kahawa Group

On a small farm in Embu, Mount Kenya, Simon watched his family struggle as they battled the elements and suffered from inadequate income from their coffee beans – the high quality of which are unparalleled worldwide!. Simon dreamed of a day when Kenyan farmers would be compensated fairly for their exceptional beans. That dream led him to the United States where he founded Kahawa group, a co-operative of 600 farmers that support millions of Kenyan families with an improved quality of life. Today, KAHAWA grows and roasts superior beans that produce a distinct note of black currant with fruity undertones. The passion and knowledge passed down through generations of coffee farmers result in a premium brew for all coffee lovers and provide a fair return to Kenyan farmers.

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